Why As Well As How To Shroud Or Withdraw Blogger Navbar

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As we know that Blogger is really pop together with apex complimentary service provider for communication, self-look as well as liberty of spoken communication to spread knowledge and idea. Actually, Blogger service was created by Pyra Labs Company (co-founded by Evan Williams in addition to Meg Hourihan) inward 1999. In 2003, Pyra was acquired by Google.

If you lot take created a novel blogger web log and so you lot volition see a Navbar (Navigation bar) at the meridian of your web log 1.e. simply higher up the header or title of your web log. Till directly many people later on creating the web log, irrespective of so many benefits, search for the tricks too tips to Hide or Remove blogger Navbar then that their blog will looks similar a website.

First of all you lot should know virtually the Blogger Navbar earlier y’all disable/ shroud or take it permanently. Actually it appears on all freely-hosted BlogSpot.com blogs for providing diverse services/benefits. You will run across two unlike Navbar i earlier login in addition to other subsequently login to the blogger.

A) Benefits of Navbar earlier Logged inward:

Blogger Logo [B]: which volition accept yous dorsum to www.blogger.com

Search: You may search the entire blog yous’re viewing.

Share: May share/promote any article or posts on social websites (Twitter, Facebook too Google Reader ).

Report Abuse: Give a flag to tell blogger nearly the contents of whatever web log.

Next Blog: You tin view the recently-updated Blogger weblog.

Create Blog: For creation of new weblog.

Sign In: Displays the option for login.

 B) Benefits of Navbar subsequently Logged inwards:

After log inward yous will meet ii extra options Follow together with Dashboard.

Earlier, at the time of removing the Navbar, the outcome was that whether nosotros violate the Terms of Service of blogger every bit a event of which the Blog would live deleted too business relationship may live shut.

But, the blogger policy/TOS is silent most the Navbar removal in addition to in that location is non whatsoever effect or storey of a web log which has been deleted/ disabled after removal of Navbar. Further, the blogger itself has like a shot given an selection to enshroud or withdraw blogger Navbar from your web log.

i) New way to Turn off Blogger Navbar


Go to the Layout selection of your web log and click on edit for Navbar shown at the height correct corner.


You volition encounter a new pick (Off) at the cease of open up popular upward Navbar Configuration window along alongside other options to change the colours of the Navbar.


Select the Off selection too salvage it as shown below.


Thus, y’all may prefer to use the other tricks to disable/enshroud or take your blog’s Navbar as shown below:

two) How to AUTO Hide Blogger Navbar

This is the other choice which alone cover the Navbar and whenever y’all drib the mouse to Navbar, it will look again. Note that it does not run for the net explorer browser. Paste the next CSS Code afterward :



3) How to Complete Hide Blogger Navbar

If you lot want to complete remove the Navbar then glue this CSS Code but afterward :


4) How to Delete the Blogger Navbar

However, you desire to delete the Navbar widget from your blog completely then follow these steps:


Find this line of work in blogger template too supercede alter shoaddelement from no to yeah.


Now delete all codes from



Congrats! Your web log are forthwith looking professional website.

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