Vii Reasons That Brand Bopp Bags A Perfect Pick For Garment Packaging

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Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) bags are widely used as a packaging material for packing different products like agricultural create, apparel, etc. In fact, BOPP bags are the best plastic packaging choice due to their clarity, transparency as well as strength. Let’sec acquire why BOPP bags are and then pop for garment packaging.

 for packing different products like agricultural produce 7 Reasons That Make BOPP Bags a Perfect Choice for Garment Packaging
Fig: BOOP bags for garment packaging

seven Reasons Why BOPP Bags are Perfect for Garment Packaging:

ane. Strength:
BOPP is a polypropylene celluloid that has been stretched longitudinally as well as laterally. This stretching makes the BOPP purse more than durable in addition to fatigue-resistant. It allows the bags to grip the loads that are placed on them spell maintaining stability.

Moreover, the BOPP bags tin withstand the wearable too tear of packaging, transport and loading. Due to its strength, the garment as well becomes resistant to contamination, airborne pollution and microbes.

The pocketbook’s woven, cloth-like makeup of BOPP bagsmakes them conditions resistant likewise.

ii. Reverse printing:
H5N1 BOPP pocketbook has dissimilar layers. The BOPP purse making automobile consists of engraved cylinders and a contrary printing applied science that produces the different layers. This too allows you to make BOPP bags of dissimilar colors.

3. Resistance to UV Light:
UV light has a bleaching outcome on clothes. The UV rays interruption downwardly the chemical bonds of the color dyes, which results in colors getting faded.

BOPP bags are resistant to UV lite due to their composition. This ensures that UV light doesn’t take whatever issue on the packed clothes too that the colors remain intact.

four. Green selection:
One of the biggest advantages of a BOPP bag is that it is recyclable likewise equally reusable. Its recyclable property ensures that the bag doesn’t finish up inwards the landfills. They are as well reusable, which makes these bags quite environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the dope-dyed method of printing polypropylene bags requires no H2O, therefore eliminating the ask for disposing of wastewater.

v. Better storage:
BOPP is quite transparent due to the mode it is produced. This makes BOPP an ideal selection for creating clear bags for the dress. The clarity offered due to the transparency allows a customer to encounter the production in addition to cheque its integrity.

The clear overlay gives BOPP bags an attractive, glossy finish. Additionally, the bags are as well tardily to clean. This offers first-class stability to the production when it is stacked too stored on the shelf. It extends the shelf life of the product also.

half-dozen. Cost-effective:
BOPP bags are really toll-effective due to the next reasons:

  • The bags are strong together with don’t intermission easily, therefore lowering the overall expenses. The force of BOPP bags ensures that the product integrity is maintained together with the product loss is minimized. Since the contamination as well as moisture seepage is minimum, the product stays protected.
  • Since BOPP bags accept fewer layers than newspaper bags, they weigh less. This helps in saving coin on weight and shipping costs.
  • UV protection promises production integrity which delivers the garments inward a proficient status.
  • BOPP’sec recyclability helps yous salvage on disposal costs together with the overall investment.

7. Easy to customize:
BOPP bags respond well to lamination in addition to printing. This allows you to customize the bags on both sides besides every bit the gussets, helping you pattern a slap-up await for the packaging.

Its composition too ensures that the color of the printing does not work too rather stays place. The color cannot live rubbed or scratched. This ensures that the make mention stays intact on the bag even afterward the transportation too transportation.

Garments packaging needs to be of a high quality for a adept customer experience. BOPP bags accept all the qualities that volition assistance you inwards delivering the same.

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