Tips: How To Modify Twitter Advert Or Display Refer – A Footstep By Step Direct

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Twitter is amidst other famous social media platforms, too known every bit a microblogging service to its users. In recent years, this social media handgrip has gained popularity. People consider it a perfect home to reach the audience too share information, word, thought, or fifty-fifty showtime a drive. If y’all are lost as well as looking for a direct on how to change Twitter bring up, we are hither to assist.

The Twitter Display mention is some other identifier of this platform, like username, which allows people to discover you easily. Unlike, username it is usually your existent mention or the refer that the user wants people to associate amongst your profile. If yous desire to know how to change Twitter grip or username, read our article to acquire more than.

How to change Twitter name or display name

Twitter Display Name Vs. Username

As nosotros already know, this platform provides ii options for the bring up – display refer in addition to username. And these ii are pretty different from each other. For instance, the display mention is a personal identifier, so two or more Twitter profiles tin accept like names. On the opposite, a username is a unique identifier, and no two accounts tin can have the same Twitter handle. Before jumping on how to modify your cite on Twitter, allow’second await at around differences between the ii names.

Here are roughly more than points that make them unlike –

Twitter Display Name Twitter Username

  • Minimum characters: 2
  • Maximum characters: up to 50
  • It tin live similar to other users.
  • It can contain anything from space to special characters like @, #, >, %, etc.
  • For instance, Display Name

  • Minimum characters: four
  • Maximum characters: upward to 15
  • It must be unique from other users.
  • It can’t comprise spaces or signs except for underscore (_), number, upper-case letter, together with lowercase letters.
  • For case, @username

How to Change Twitter Name on Desktop

Here are all the detailed steps for how to change Twitter mention on the Desktop.

Step i: Open Twitter official website on your Desktop as well as login into your business relationship.

Step 2: Click on the Profile choice from the vertical carte bar on the covert’s left side to move into the Profile Page.

How to change Twitter name

Alternatively, a user tin can click on your profile pic given on the condition bar (only below Home) for the same.

Step 3: On your Twitter profile page, click on the Edit Profile pick (given only below the header picture).

How to change Twitter name Edit profile

Step 4: In the advert department, y’all tin edit your display cite.

How to change Twitter name and save

Step 5: Click the Save push button to alter advert on Twitter.

How to Change Twitter Name on Android

Here are all the detailed steps for how to alter refer on Twitter app.

Step one: Open Twitter official app on your Android in addition to log inward to your account.

Step 2: Click on the three bars given on the Home screen’s left corner together with tap on profile.

Alternatively, you tin tap on the profile film given at the top of the card.

Step 3: On your Twitter profile page, click on the Edit Profile option (given merely below the header image).

Step iv: In the refer section, you lot can edit your display refer.

How to change Twitter name on App

Step v: Click Save to modify Twitter advert.

Why Can’t You Change Twitter Display Name?

There tin be exclusively a few scenarios where a user tin can’t alter mention on Twitter business relationship. If yous are too facing a problem inward changing Twitter mention, read on to observe out the possible reasons.

Make sure that your business relationship is activated. If it’sec non, you lot won’t be able to change your Twitter Display refer. The other possible argue tin can live the function of specific price inwards your refer. For instance, Twitter doesn’t let whatsoever unverified business relationship to use ‘Twitter’ or ‘Admin’ inward their bring up. These damage are for the purpose of official Twitter accounts alone.

FAQs on Twitter Display Name

Q. How long tin can be a Twitter Display Name?

Your Twitter refer must have a minimum of two characters together with a maximum of fifty characters.

Q. How to change Twitter display name font?

This platform doesn’t let its users to change Twitter mention font. But you can purpose apps or software outside Twitter to change the font of your display advert.

Q. How many times can I change cite on Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, at that place isn’t whatever limitation for changing Twitter refer. You tin change it whenever y’all desire to any you desire.


Twitter’second interface keeps updating equally the developers brand changes to go along the audience engaged. But sometimes, it may lead to confusion most where to observe the almost basic settings. So, nosotros have discussed all the steps on how to modify cite on Twitter account inward detail.

You tin can likewise observe updated steps on how to open a Twitter business relationship in our previous article.

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