Best Textile Design Schools Inwards The World

The fine art of designing knitted, woven, printed fabrics amongst the assistance of scientific discipline is called textile pattern. The nub elements of fabric pattern are fiber, yarn too finishing. In a word converting raw textile into a finished production is called fabric pattern. Textile designer bring a deep overview how a finished material volition await like from technical facial expression in addition to properties of yarn, fiber and dye. There are many types of cloth pattern. But 2 mutual expanse of textile design are-

  1. Home goods industry.
  2. Apparel or habiliment manufacture.

Traditionally drawing of woven cloth was translated onto a graph newspaper. But now a solar day’second fabric designer role reckoner programmed software to blueprint production. These are called digital printing.

Scope of textile designer:
Textile blueprint is a growing champaign which focus on diverseness of skill which is applicable inwards different plain from home to manner, handcraft to digital printing. This subject prepares a fabric designer for a wide range of careers in fabric mill as well as export houses. These are about of the fields offered to fabric designer:

  • Color and design consultant
  • Color & manner specialist
  • Color & tendency forecaster
  • Innovative blueprint consultant
  • Manager trend as well as forecast
  • Print in addition to design designer
  • Strategic intervener
  • Textile & surface developer
  • Textile illustrator

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Top 10 Textile Design School:
There is huge ambit in Textile blueprint. These are around universities that provide earth form educational activity inwards this sector.

 printed fabrics with the help of science is called  Best Textile Design Schools in the World

one. University of Edinburgh
It was established inward 1582 in addition to sixth oldest university in English language speaking Earth. The University of Edinburgh ranked 20th inward the QS earth ranking and ranked betwixt 51-100th for art as well as blueprint bailiwick QS ranking past sub. 6th best university inwards Europe by the Statesword “best global universities ranking”.

Address: Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL, U.K.

2. University of Texas at Austin
University of Texas at Austin is a populace inquiry academy. It was founded in 1883. It ranked 65th inward QS globe ranking inward 2020and ranked between 101-150th for fine art in addition to design subject field inward QS ranking.

Till October 2019, 12 Nobel prize winners have been affiliated with the schoolhouse equally alumni.

Address: Graduate too International Admissions Center1616 Guadalupe St. Suite iv.202
Austin, TX 78701

3. University of Leeds
It was granted to academy inward 1904 by Rex Edward VII (7). This academy has almost 33000 pupil and it is the 5th largest academy in Britain. It ranked 93rd in QS ranking in 2020and ranked betwixt 101-150th for fine art too blueprint subject inwards QS ranking.

The academy has 1230 acres of campus. It has many notable alumni’s including half dozen noble prize winners.

Address: University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT, U.K.

four. University of Southampton
On 29th April 1952, Hartley Institution was granted full academy condition and named University of Southampton. The academy has seven pedagogy campus. It ranked 97th in QS world ranking inwards 2020.

Address: Highfield Campus, University Road, Southampton SO17 1BJ,
Email: run

v. University of Alberta
University of Alberta is a world enquiry academy located inward Canada. It has 400 programs inwards 18 faculties. It has more than 275000 alumni including Governor General Roland Michener; Prime Minister Joe Clark. It ranked 113th inward QS ranking inwards 2020 too fourth inwards Canada in addition to ranked between 101-150th for fine art and pattern subject area inwards QS ranking.

Address: 116 St & 85 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6G 2R3, Canada

half-dozen. Michigan State University
It was established inward 1885. It has 5300 acres campus alongside 563 buildings including amongst 107 academic together with instructional space. It ranked 144th inwards QS globe rank inward 2020.

Address: 220 Trowbridge Rd, East Lansing, MI 48824, the States,

7. Loughborough University
Loughborough university is a public enquiry university in E midlands of England. It has been a academy since 1966. It ranked 222nd inwards QS global ranking and ranked 28th for art and pattern bailiwick.

Address: Epinal Way, Loughborough LE11 3TU, U.K.

eight. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University
It is the largest dual sector educational activity provider inward Commonwealth of Australia alongside an enrollment of 87000 students. It 238th inward QS globe ranking together with 12th in earth for art and blueprint subjects.

Address: 124 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Commonwealth of Australia
Phone: +61 three 9925 2000

9. North Carolina State University
North Carolina State University has more than than 30000 students which makes it i of the largest universities inward the state. It offers bachelor’second grade inwards 106 fields and principal’sec degree inwards 104 fields also doctoral level in 61 fields. It ranked 285th inwards QS ranking and ranked 84th nationally inwards U.S.word & earth written report inwards 2020. It also ranked between 101-150th for fine art in addition to pattern sub inward QS ranking past sub.

Address: Raleigh, NC 27695, U.S.A.

10. University of Dundee
University of Dundee got its independent academy status inwards 1967. It ranked 302nd inwards QS ranking in 2020. It likewise ranked within the elevation 40 universities inward UK as well as ranked betwixt 101-150th for art as well as blueprint sub in QS ranking past sub.

It has many globe known alumni including financial journalist as well as founder of “Forbes magazine” B.C. Forbes.

Address: Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4HN, UK


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  3. of study=material-design

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List Of Acme 10 Style Menage In Bangladesh

Bangladeshi people are becoming mode business twenty-four hour period past mean solar day. Globalization is the chief argue for becoming fashionable. Fulfilling the postulate for big way community huge number of mode houses or boutique houses are launched. Those style houses do the remarkable job for the Bangladeshi people. Many designers are personally open up their manner houses in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Most of all style houses are based inwards Dhaka urban center. All the mode houses inwards Bangladesh, designers are continuously try to pass on novel design for the costumer.
Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Fashion household inwards People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Top ten Fashion Houses inward Bangladesh

There are more than hundreds pocket-sized too large boutique home or style household in Bangladesh. It is actually tough to select top 10 boutique household or fashion menage from huge numbers. I desire to hand cheers who helps me to prepare this list. Some data of the fashion brand or clothing make in People’s Republic of Bangladesh are as follows.

Last Updated: 20th February, 2020

List of Top ten Most Popular Fashion House or Boutique House in People’s Republic of Bangladesh

i. Aarong:
Aarong is the summit lifestyle retailer in Bangladesh operating nether BRAC, a non-earnings NGO. H5N1 socially responsible organisation. Working equally a platform where independent co-operative groups and family unit based artisans market their craft.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Aarong

At a glance of Aarong:

  • Establishment Year: 1978.
  • Founder: Ayesha Abed.
  • Product types : Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Scarf, Kurti, Fotua, Punjabi, Shirt, Kids Wear, Foot wear, Bag, Handicraft, Nokshi Katha, Ceramic, Jewellery etc.
  • Address: Aarong middle, 346, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208
  • Phone: 88028891404
  • Website:

ii. Cats Eye
Cats Eye is i of the leading manner houses of Bangladesh. It is popular for unique as well as trend setting style. It is the pioneer inward blueprint for homo’sec wearable inward Bangladesh. Now they are likewise working on women’second dress.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Cats Eye

At a glance of Cats Eye:

  • Establishment Year: 1980.
  • Founder: Mr. Sayeed Siddiqui Rumi together with Mrs. Ashrafun Siddiqui Dora.
  • Product types : Men’s & Women’s wearing apparel (Shirts, pants, Panjabi, jeans, salwar kameez etc), shoes and others way accessories.
  • Address: Minita Plaza (6th Floor), 54 New Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205.
  • Phone: 02 9665184, 02 9660486
  • Website:

three. Richman
Richman is ane of the superlative leading manner household in Bangladesh. It is pop for men’sec wear. Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd is the mother fellowship of Richman.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Richman

At a glance of Richman:

  • Founder: Mr. Mohammad Junaid
  • Product types: Shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt, pant, formal pant, casual pant, denim pant, blazer, accessories etc.
  • Address: Home Stead Link Tower, TA-99, Gulshan Badda link Road, (12th & 13th floor), Dhaka-1212
  • Phone: +88-02-9841504, +88-02-9860614
  • Website:

four. Yellow
YELLOW is the trendiest way brand from Bangladesh, is mostly distinguished for its true international lineament designs and fabrics. It is sis business of Beximco.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Yellow

At a glance of Yellow:

5. Ecstasy
Ecstasy is a famous Bangladeshi fashion menage. Its wearing apparel is really popular among the youths for its modernistic pattern. As a upshot Ecstasy has quickly go ane of the land’sec largest style retailers.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Ecstasy
At a glance of Ecstasy:

  • Establishment Year: 1997.
  • Founder: Tanjim Haque.
  • Product types : Men’sec jeans, shirt, t-shirt, casual shirt, casual pant, women’second tops, Salwar Kamiz, Fotua, Kids Wear, Foot wear, Bag, Handicraft, perfume, Jewellery together with other accessories etc.
  • Address: 156 Kemal Attaturk Avenue, Concord Colosseum, twelfth Floor, Banani, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
  • Phone: +8801941719894
  • Website:

six. Rang
Rang, country’s ane of the acme fashion houses. Rang has been contributing to the increment of handloom as well as handicraft manufacture. 

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Rang
At a glance of Rang: 

  • Establishment Year: 1994
  • Founder: Biplob Saha.
  • Products type: Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Fotua, T-Shirt, Panjabi, Kurta, Handicraft etc.
  • Address: Shoilo Nibas Hossain Ahmed Road, Block # 2 Police Line, Narayangonj-1400 Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Phone: +880177774434, +8801984888444
  • Email:
  • Website:

vii. Kay Kraft
Kay Kraft is a leading make in the mode industry of People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It is a retailer and wholesaler of Bangladeshi Fashion Wear for Women, Men together with Kids.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Kay Kraft

At a glance of Kay Kraft:

  1. Establishment Year: 1993.
  2. Founder: Khalid Mahmood in addition to Shahnaz Khan
  3. Product types : For women’sec (Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Scarf, Tops, Fotua). For men’sec (Short Punjabi, long Panjabi, exclusive Punjabi, Shirt), Kids Wear, accessories etc.
  4. Head Office: one/Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 North Adabar, Shaymoly, Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh.
  5. Phone: +880 two-9872427
  6. Email:
  7. Website:

viii. Dorjibari
Dorjibari is a renowned manner home in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. It has go 1 of the leading manufacturers & exporters high style apparel & accessories for Men, Women & Kids.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Dorjibari

At a glance of Dorjibari:

  • Establishment Year: 2007.
  • Founder: Md.Fazlur Rahman
  • Product types : Shirt, pant, Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Scarf, Kurti, Fotua, Punjabi, Shirt, Kids Wear, Foot vesture, Bag, Handicraft, accessories etc.
  • Price Range: 750/- to 35,000/-
  • Address: 4/one, Simson Road, (5-sixth flooring ), Ambia Tower, Shaddar ghat, Dhaka-1100.
  • Phone: 02-57396389, 01920215707
  • Email:
  • Website:

9. Anjan’second
Anjan’sec is a famous Bangladeshi style menage. So, Anjan’sec contribution is non exclusively inward the making style line of work rather has also arranged function arena amid the pitiful hamlet women.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Anjan’second

At a glance Anjan’s:

  • Establishment Date: 15th Feb 1994
  • Founder: Shaheen Ahmed
  • Products type: Saree, Salwar Kamiz, Kurti, Fotua, Punjabi, Shirt, Kid’sec Wear, Handicraft, Hometex, Etc.
  • Address: Khan Villa, 34/B, Chowdhury Para, Dhaka, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
  • Phone: 88-02-9362019, 88-02-8357754.
  • Website:

x. Bibiana:
Bibiana is a famous make of People’s Republic of Bangladesh of traditional attire with exclusive embroidery together with fine fabric. Bibiana has a wide diverseness of traditional wear for Women, Men and Kid’sec alongside trendy colour, mod cut together with festive expect.

Bangladeshi people are  becoming fashion concern day by day List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh
Fig: Dress collection of Bibiana
At a glance of Bibiana: 

  • Establishment Date: 1st November 2001
  • Founder: Lipi Khandoker
  • Product Types: SalwarKamiz, Ladies Fotua, Saree, Panjabi, Gents Fotua, Shirt, Shawl, Dopatta, Sherwani, Sandal, Jacket, Household Accessories, Jewelery, Children, Salwar Kamiz, Lungi etc.
  • Price Range: 500/- to 8000/-
  • Address: Dhanmondi, Road No-five, House No-vi, Ground Floor ( Near Central Hospital ),
  • Phone: 8616251

More Renowned Fashion houses of BD

Without higher up top x mode houses at that place are too many renowned style houses in Bangladesh. For visitors helping purposes I accept likewise given list of famous too popular fashion houses inward Bangladesh

  1. Sailor past Epyllion
  2. Artisan style menage bd (
  3. Vasavi Fashion menage inwards Bangladesh (
  4. Lubnan fashion home People’s Republic of Bangladesh (
  5. Banglar mela fashion house Bangladesh (
  6. Nogordola mode home Bangladesh (
  7. Shada kalo manner household BD (
  8. Menzklub way Bangladesh (
  9. Le Reve manner home of People’s Republic of Bangladesh (
  10. Mantra fashion family BD
  11. Shoppers World Bangladesh
  12. Zara style home People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  13. Deshal way family Bangladesh (
  14. Jatra manner household Dhaka (
  15. Zarif manner household Dhaka (
  16. DEVOTED ii LIFE style household People’s Republic of Bangladesh (
  17. Trendz mode menage BD (
  18. Smartex fashion house People’s Republic of Bangladesh (
  19. Ahang fashion menage Bangladesh
  20. Doors manner menage Bangladesh (
  21. Fit Elegance People’s Republic of Bangladesh (
  22. Nabila Boutiques Ltd
  23. Lavender way menage BD (
  24. Dressy dale fashion Bangladesh
  25. Country Boy Fashion BD
  26. Foring fashion home People’s Republic of Bangladesh (
  27. Fashion fusion People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  28. Texmart mode home People’s Republic of Bangladesh (
  29. Cracker jack People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  30. Applique Fashion House People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  31. Monariz Fashion Bangladesh
  32. Shoishob fashion ltd People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  33. Wisetex fashion family People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  34. Stitch manner family Bangladesh
  35. Gadwell manner menage inwards Bangladesh

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Listing Of Superlative X Garment Buying Family Inwards Bangladesh

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 garment buying menage is an role, where buying together with sourcing activities are done. It acts as mediator betwixt apparel buyers or retailers and garment manufacturers. Main chore of buying household is to make a span betwixt the buyer in addition to the manufacturer. Sometimes garments buying menage besides called export family or sourcing company. Though have roughly differences between sourcing company and buying home. Sometimes foreign buyers make non directly contact with garment factories for guild. They chose Buying House to procure the garments products for them. Garments buying house playing an of import role inward Bangladeshi readymade garment sector, equally a huge amount of order is coming through buying family. 
 where buying and sourcing activities are done List of Top 10 Garment Buying House in Bangladesh
Fig: Merchandisers working inward garment buying house
Maximum people don’t know exactly which is buying souse. They often phone call liaison function every bit buying home. This is not truthful. Liaison Office also called every bit a Representative Office. It tin undertake entirely liaison activities, which way that it tin human activity as a channel of communication betwixt the Head Office. For example, H&chiliad People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a liaison role of H&one thousand head office, Sweden. Similarly C&A People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Levi’s People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Walmart Bangladesh all are liaison office.
Somebody tell, manufacturers are buying family. It is too faux idea. Such every bit Ha-Meem Group, Standard Group, Ananta Group, Beximco all are manufacturers whose are non buying menage. I have made a list of pinnacle x garment manufacturers inwards Bangladesh. You tin can encounter this.

List of Top ten Apparel Buying House inwards Bangladesh

Opening a Garments Buying House is a real profitable business organization; whatsoever smart people amongst less investment tin can earn millions of Dollars amongst operating a buying household. From this tendency more than hundreds of buying houses are opened inwards Dhaka, Chittagong, Narayonganj, Gazipur. From these to make a list of tiptop ten buying house inwards People’s Republic of Bangladesh is actually tough job. To brand this listing I have taken aid from about garment merchandisers. If you intend this listing is not perfect so you tin reach your proffer inward below comment box. Top x buying houses list amongst details is given bellow.

Last Updated: 20th February, 2020

Top ten Garment Buying House/Export House/Sourcing Company inward People’s Republic of Bangladesh

i. Knittexpo Sourcing Ltd
House # 113 (3rd Floor), Road # 04, Block # B,
Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.
Tel 88 02 8837411,
Fax: +88-02-9870116.
K: +88 01711130315.

2. Nafisa Int’50 Trading (BD) Ltd

  • “Nafisa Int’fifty Trading (BD) Ltd.” is a leading Buyer’sec agent / representative and garments exporter inward People’s Republic of Bangladesh since 1998. We have our ain sourcing office inwards Shaoxing, People’s Republic of China & Financial role in Dubai.
  • Nafisa Int’50 Trading (BD) LTD, attains more than 350 skilled employees.
  • We have our factories named “Jann Composite Mills Ltd.” & “Emon Fashion Ltd.” They take compliance certifies similar ACCORD, BSCI, GOTS, OCS, OEKO-TEX besides.
  • We too accept our own Auto Screen Printing & Embroidery mill.
  • More than 100 associated factories from where nosotros tin assure character product as per your requirements. All our Business partners are fully compliance factories having certificate of GOTS, OCS.
  • Our detailed production listing consists all type of
  • Knits (T-Shirt, Polo-Shirt, Sweater, Fleece, Sleep article of clothing, Beach clothing, Underwear, Sports Items, Socks)
  • Flat knit (3gg to 14gg)
  • Woven (Shirts , Pants, Denim, Work clothing, Jacket)
  • Towel, Home Textiles particular too.
  • More than 100 merchandisers go along daily contact amongst clients as well as suppliers to ensure the right products in a timely fashion.
  • Our QC teams is ready to ensure products quality every bit per client demands. Beside our FRI team inspect the goods like every bit third political party based on AQL of customers.
  • We have a strong CSR squad who follow up on all the dissimilar types of compliance requirement which are fix by the buyer.

Corporate Headquarters:
Nafisa Int’l Trding (BD) Ltd.
Plot# 8, Road# 1/Influenza A virus subtype H5N1
Gulshan 1, Dhaka-1212
People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Phone: +88-09606-333222, +88-02-9886536, +88-02-9884003, +88-02-9856530, +88-02-9857142

3. Trust Maker International
House # 52 (1st.Floor), Road # 01, Sector#06,
Uttara Model Town, Uttara,Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.
Tel: 88-02-8960176,Fax: 88-02-8960176,
Mobile: 01717-009728, 01820511320.
eastward-postal service:,,

4. AVS Fashion
Contact Person: Shahalam Molla
Address: 163, Molla Supper marketplace, Dakershari Stand,
Shiddergonj, Narayanganj, Bangladesh.
Mobile Number: +8801711340370
Phone: +88-02-7692044
Fax: +88-02-7692043
due east-post:

5. Zex Fashion People’s Republic of Bangladesh
House-09, Road-04, Sector-12,
Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Phone-+88 -04477970705, +88-01684564925, +88-01686968411

half dozen. HBM Tex House Limited
Contact Person: Mr. Azizul Haque Barkat
Address: House No. 37 (second & 3rd Floor), Nikunja-two, Road No. 19
Khilkhet, Joawr Shahara, Bangladesh
Phone: +880-two-893 2047
Fax: +88-ii-893 3218

seven. BRANDTEX Corporation People’s Republic of Bangladesh
House # fourteen (Level-05), Road # 12
Sector # 09, Uttara
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh
Phone: +88 018 31455371, +88 018 22834977
Fax: +880 2 9802087


8. Innotex
289, East Nakhalpara, Dreamland Tower,
2nd Floor, Suite No # I, Tejgaon, Dhaka – 1215, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Phone: +88 01711043647
+88 01819 478947
Fax : + 88 02 8815995

5/8, Prof. Khagendranath Chakrabarti Road,
West side of balurmath rail line,
Chasara, Narayanganj-1400, Bangladesh.
Phone: (+880) 1714 – 829787

10. Casual Wear Sourcing Ltd
House # x, Flat # GF-H5N1, Road # 03
Cosmopoliton, East Nasirabad,
Chittagong-4203, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Email :
+880.31.258.4656; Fax # +880.31. 258.4820

Note: Again I say yous, if you lot accept whatever query most this list and then comment below. Your sentiment/proffer volition help us to update our listing.

Top X Retailers Together With Style Brands Importing From Bangladesh 2020

Readymade garment (RMG) manufacture in People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a multi-billion-dollar manufacturing and export manufacture. Bangladesh exports $thirty billion cook-made garments every yr. This become possible because of depression wage cost, favorable business organization climate, transportation facility etc. The wage price inward People’s Republic of Bangladesh is amidst the lowest in the globe. Policy support from the regime keeps the potential rule to attain $thirty billion. People’s Republic of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers together with Exporters Association (BGMEA) in addition to People’s Republic of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers together with Exporters Association (BKMEA) are working to strengthen in addition to promote the RMG sector past establishing a healthy business organization surroundings, preparation the workers, improving social compliance status and edifice relationships amidst the manufacturers, exporters as well as importers, with the goal of increasing Bangladesh’second strange exchange profit. Now Bangladesh’sec vision to attain $l billion RMG exports by 2021 on the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh.
dollar manufacturing  and export industry Top 10 Retailers and Fashion Brands Importing from Bangladesh 2020
Now Bangladesh part inwards the global habiliment market is about 5.ix %. People’s Republic of Bangladesh may be considered the minute largest exporter after People’s Republic of China which grabbed 39.iii% of the global wearing apparel market place. We look that i mean solar day Bangladesh volition become Earth pinnacle RMG exporting country in addition to that day is not so far. Almost all famous international fashion brands import cloths from People’s Republic of Bangladesh. In this article I take given meridian x vesture brands who import from Bangladesh.

Last Updated: 20th February, 2020

List of superlative x retailers too vesture brands importing from Bangladesh 2020

1. H&G
H&thou is a Swedish multinational wear-retail companionship, known for its fast-way vesture, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, in addition to domicile textiles. The company was founded by Erling Persson inward 1947 too it’second headquarters inward Stockholm, Sweden. Its market place value is $lx.8 Billion.


ii. Walmart
Walmart is an American multinational retailing enterprise. It operates retail stores inwards various formats about the globe. It’s headquarters inwards Bentonville, Arkansas, US. The companionship was founded past Sam Walton inwards 1962.


3. C&H5N1
C&A is an international Dutch chain of fashion retail habiliment stores. It’sec headquarters inwards Vilvoorde, Kingdom of Belgium. C&H5N1 is founded by August Brenninkmeijer, Clemens Brenninkmeijer inward 1841.


4. Zara
Zara is a Spanish multinational wear together with accessories retailer society. It is the main brand of the Inditex group. Zara was founded inward 1974 by Amancio Ortega, Rosalía Mera too is headquartered in Arteixo, Espana.



5. GAP
Gap is an American worldwide vesture and accessories retailer. GAP was founded past Donald Fisher too Doris F. Fisher in 1969, and is headquartered inward San Francisco, California.



half dozen. Target
Target Corporation is the second-largest discount shop retailer in the United States, behind Walmart. The company was founded by George Dayton in 1902 and it’sec headquarters inward Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.


vii. TESCO
Tesco PLC is a British multinational grocery and general trade retailer company. The fellowship was founded by Jack Cohen inward 1919 as well as it’s headquarters in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom.


viii. Carrefour
Carrefour is a French multinational retailer company. The companionship was founded by Jacques Defforey, Denis Defforey, Marcel Fournier inwards 1958 too it’second headquarters in Boulogne-Billancourt, French Republic.


ix. Levi’s
Levi’second is an American vesture fellowship which worldwide pop for its Levi’second brand of denim jeans. It one of the well-nigh famous jean retailers inward the Earth. It was founded in 1853 by Levi Strauss in addition to Headquarters inward San Francisco, California, U.S.Influenza A virus subtype H5N1.



ten. JCPenney
JCPenney is a section shop. The fellowship sells family unit apparel too footwear, accessories, fine in addition to fashion jewelry, beauty products through Sephora within jcpenney as well as abode furnishings.

The company was founded by James Cash Penney inwards 1902 as well as it’s headquarters in Plano, Texas, United States of America.


  1. People’s Republic of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers together with Exporters Association (BGMEA)
  2. People’s Republic of Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BKMEA)

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Peak Ten Fashion Blueprint Schools, Colleges Together With Universities Inwards The Earth 2020

Fashion design is an interesting as well as may live the most creative subject field inwards the earth. It is also glamorous. Now a day’s style pattern is very demandable subject from other. Not alone western just also Asian state students are real much interested nearly way relate bailiwick. World is becoming more than style trendy. As well equally demand of style designer is enhancing twenty-four hours past mean solar day. Because it creates a bright futurity for their successful career inward style industry.
Fig: Fashion designer doing operate
It is a tough conclusion to select a college for written report. May live it is i of the biggest life decisions you lot’ll ever brand. Because it volition express your life identity. Your career significantly influenced by your establish or colleges or university. So for a wonderful professional life y’all should pick out a perfect style schoolhouse, college or university. This article for those who are interested for higher report in manner design.

Last Updated: 20th February, 2020

List of Top x Fashion Design Schools, Colleges as well as Universities inwards the World

Selecting top ten manner schools from the thousands of manner pattern schools, colleges in addition to universities inward the globe is really tough chore. To make this list nosotros accept collected information from diverse online forums, have to talk over amongst students too professional. Thanks to those fashion students in addition to professionals who have helped me to brand this list.

Here are the lists of the well-nigh famous and prestigious way schools, colleges, institutes as well as universities worldwide:

1. Central Saint Martins (London, England)
There is no confusion to pass elevation home for Central Saint Martin’sec. It is often abbreviated to CSM, is a populace 3rd fine art schoolhouse in London, England. It is a factor college of the University of the Arts London.

Address: Granary Square, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA, Great Britain

Undergraduate: Womenswear, Menswear, Textile, Jewelry, and Knitwear Design, Fashion Design amongst Marketing, Communications, Fashion History, Journalism.

Graduate: Fashion, Fashion Communications.

Annual Tuition Cost: £17,230 for both graduate and undergraduate degrees for overseas students. £nine,000 for United Kingdom too EU students.


ii. Parsons School of Design (New York, the States)
Parsons School of Design is the most well-known manner schoolhouse in the United U.S. of A.. It is a private art too blueprint college located inwards the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Lower Manhattan inwards New York City. Parsons was the first school in the U.S. to offering programs inward style blueprint, advertizing, interior design, together with graphic design.

66 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Studies, Fashion Marketing, Strategic Design too Management, Fashion Design and Society.

Annual Tuition Cost: Tuition costs U.S.A.$45,080 for undergraduate and USA$46,240 for graduate. There are currently iv,260 undergraduates enrolled.


3. Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Kingdom of Belgium)

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp offers a broad spectrum of undergraduate and postgraduate courses inwards applied fine arts in addition to pattern. It is i of the oldest of its variety in Europe. It is an elite design schoolhouse offering mode pattern courses to simply over 100 students each yr.

Address: Blindestraat 35, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgium

Fashion Design 

Annual Tuition Cost: €6,825 for overseas students and €ane,070 for European Union students. 


iv. London College of Fashion (London, U.K.)
London College of Fashion (LCF) is 1 of the first centres of mode educational activity inwards the world. It is a factor college of the University of the Arts London based in London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. LCF provides ane of the widest ranges of courses inwards manner education, alongside over seventy undergraduate too postgraduate degrees, too 165 brusque courses.

Address: 20 John Prince’second St, Marylebone, London W1G 0BJ, United Kingdom

Programs: There are many courses offered hither. You can see hither;

Annual Tuition Cost:
£17,230 (Overseas students), £9,000 (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, European Union students) for undergraduate course and £22,140 (Overseas students), £eight,250 (UK, European Union students) for graduate class.


5. Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) (New York, U.S.)
The Fashion Institute of Technology, generally known every bit FIT inward the mode globe. FIT offers a business concern as well as blueprint didactics alongside a foundation inward liberal arts. Undergraduates can pick out from a diversity of courses.

Address: 227 west 27th St, New York, NY 10001, U.S.

Programs: Fashion Design, Business, Marketing, Illustration, Styling.

Annual Tuition Cost: Undergraduate: $vi,470 for New York State residents, $17,810 for out-of-state residents. Graduate: $x,870 for NYC/NY State residents; $22,210 for out-of-state residents.


6. Kingston University (London, U.K.)
Kingston University (informally Kingston or KUL; formerly styled Kingston University London) is a world inquiry academy located in Kingston upon Thames, southwest London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It was originally founded inwards 1899 too became a academy inward 1992.

Address: Penrhyn Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT1 2EE, Great Britain

Programs: Fashion Design program at both undergraduate as well as postgraduate level.

Annual Tuition Cost: £xiv,100 (Overseas students), £9,000 (Britain, EU students) for undergraduate grade together with £fourteen,100 (Overseas students), £7,700 (UK, European Union students) for graduate grade.


vii. Istituto Marangoni (Milan, Italian Republic)
The Istituto Marangoni is a individual Italian schoolhouse of mode in addition to design. It instantly too operates campuses inward Paris, London, Shanghai together with Florence.

Address: Via Pietro Verri, iv, 20121 Milano, Italia

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Fashion Styling, Fashion Buying, Brand Management too Fashion Promotion, graduate together with undergraduate degrees.

Annual Tuition Cost: €xx,800 for undergraduate form as well as €thirty,900 for graduate class.


viii. Bunka Fashion College, Nihon
Bunka Fashion College is i of the about prestigious as well as Nihon’sec highest-profile manner schoolhouse group. It is headquartered in Shinjuku, Tokyo together with has over seventy branches throughout Nihon

Address: three Chome-22-one Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0053, Japan

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Technology, Fashion Marketing as well as Distribution, Fashion Accessories as well as Textiles.

Annual Tuition Cost: $11,868-$12,900 at current central rates depending on the programme.


ix. Royal College of Art (London, UK)
Royal College of Art is a leading postgraduate fine art together with blueprint and pattern schoolhouse located in London, Great Britain. It solely offers postgraduate degrees inward art and blueprint to students from over 60 countries.

Kensington Gore, Kensington, London SW7 2EU, U.K.

Programs: Womens habiliment, Menswear, Textiles in addition to Jewelry Design.

Annual Tuition Cost: £28,400 for overseas students; £nine,500 for United Kingdom too EU students.


10. ESMOD, Paris
The École supérieure des arts et techniques de la fashion, or ESMOD, is an international style design together with business schoolhouse based inward Paris. ESMOD is amidst the oldest style schools inward the world. Today ESMOD is composed of 21 schools inward 14 countries.

Address: 12 Rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 Paris, France

Programs: Fashion Design, Fashion Strategy & Communication, in addition to Créateur Couture.

Annual Tuition Cost: €ten,250 for undergraduate class as well as €12,900 for graduate course.


If you lot have any question about this list, then delight express your thought inward below comment box. We update our listing regularly. Next fourth dimension your suggestion volition help us to make a perfect listing. 

List Of Pinnacle X Way Design Colleges, Universities, Schools As Well As Institutes Inwards Bangladesh

Proper educational activity together with preparation are considered equally the best weapon for the readymade garments (RMG) industry as well as mode houses inward People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is instant RMG exporter state inward the world. Along amongst the earth demand, the local marketplace is also altering itself to rapid changes inwards way trends. So high skilled too technical person involve in this sector. Recently as a profession of mode designer has emerged equally one of the well-nigh attractive amid the immature generations in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Because career of a style designer is a high profile ane in addition to exciting indeed. In this profession has great scope to express of creativeness.
Proper education and training are considered as the best weapon for the  List of Top 10 Fashion Designing Colleges, Universities, Schools and Institutes in Bangladesh
Fig: Fashion exhibit
If yous desire to become a manner designer then y’all take a perfect college together with academy. Here I volition turn over y’all the listing of acme ten style pattern colleges, universities of Bangladesh.

Last Updated: 20th Feb, 2020

List of Top x Fashion Design Universities, Colleges, Institutes too Schools inward People’s Republic of Bangladesh

i. Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex)
92 Shaheed Tajuddin Ahmed Avenue
Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka – 1208, Bangladesh
Ph: +88 02 911 4260
Fax: +88 02 9124255

Degree Offered:
B.Sc. in Fashion & Design

Admission Requirements as well as how to employ:
Highly competitive to acknowledge inwards BUTex. HSC pass alongside GPA v students tin employ. Candidates have to confront a written examination.

ii. BGMEA University OF style & Technology (BUFT)
due south.R Tower
105 Uttara Model Town
Sector vii, Dhaka-1230
Tel: 58950986, 58950987 & 48950535

Degree Offered:
B.Sc. inward Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)
chiliad.Sc. inward Fashion Design

Admission Requirements in addition to how to utilize:
HSC drop dead amongst good GPA students can utilise. Candidates accept to face a written test.

iii. Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT)
House# 01, Road# xiv, Sector# thirteen,Uttara, Dhaka-1230,
Phone: +88 02 7912713, +88 02 7912714, +88 02 7914596, +88 02 8932368, +88 02 58958932, Fax : +88 8915308
Mobile: +880 1988 88 77 00 – eighteen,

Degree Offered:
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) inward Fashion Design & Technology
Master of Arts inwards Fashion Design

four. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)
74, C/A, Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
Phone: 02 9852132
017 31 22 00 99
019 71 00 77 77
019 92 07 70 29
Email address :
Web address :

Degree Offered:
B.Sc. Honours inward Fashion Design & Technology (FDT)
Diploma inward Fashion Design &Technology(FDT)
Diploma in Textile Design
Certificate course inwards Shoes Design
Certificate class inwards Accessories Design
Short form inward Fashion Design

v. Pearl Fashion Institute – Bangladesh
House#xi, Road#6, Baridhara, Dhaka
Tel.: 8857763, 9899074, 9887419,
Cell: 0187 -044027

Degree Offered:

one. Fashion Design
Duration: four Year (eight Semesters)
Requirements: HSC or Equivalent (minimum 50% marks)

2. Fashion Merchandising together with Production
Duration: four Year (viii Semesters)
Requirements: HSC or Equivalent (minimum 50% marks)

NTU validated Undergraduate Foundation Degree Programmes :

one. Fashion Design together with Clothing Technology
Duration : two Year (iv Semesters)
Requirements : HSC or Equivalent (minimum fifty% marks)

2. Fashion Merchandising and Production Technology
Duration: two Year (4 Semesters)
Requirements: HSC or Equivalent (minimum l% marks)

Post Graduate Diploma Programmes:

i. Fashion Merchandising together with Marketing.
Duration: 1 Year (ii Semesters)
Requirements: Graduation in any Stream

ii. Knitwear merchandising and Technology
Duration: one Year (2 Semesters)
Requirements: Graduation inward whatsoever Stream

3. Apparel Manufacturing as well as Production Technology
Duration: i Year (2 Semesters)
Requirements: Graduation in whatever Stream

Short Term Programmes:
ane. Fashion Design
Duration : iii Months.
Day classes.


half dozen. Uttara University
House-four & vi, Road-15, Sector-vi, Uttara Model Town, Uttara, Dhaka-1230.
Phone: +8802-58952280, 02-58951116, 02-58955794
Mobile: 01706643282, 01932357444
Fax: 58952047
due east-postal service:

Degree Offered:
B.Sc. (Hons) in Fashion Design as well as Technology (FDT)
MBA inward Apparel Merchandising too Fashion Management

vii. Raffles Institute Of Higher Education
Saimon Center, House 4A, Road 22, Gulshan Commercial Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone: 88029893336, 8801190408769, 88 01190008759,

Degree Offered:
Bachelor inwards Fashion Design,
Bachelor inwards Fashion Marketing & Management

8. Sonargaon University (SU)
JA-146, Wireless Gate, Mohakhali, Dhaka.
Phone:(8802) 9859726-seven
Cell: 01971 33 77 77, 01780 22 00 99, 019 555 297 20, 019 555 297 24, 019 555 297 25

147/i, Green Road, Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215
Cell: 01780 33 00 66, 01775 000 888, 01767 777 222, 01780 33 00 44, 01780 33 00 55, 01841 sixteen xi 61

Degree Offered:
B.Sc. inward Fashion Design and Technology (FDT)

ix. McQueen Institute of Fashion Design
125/1 Senpara Parbata, Begum Rokeya Sarani, Mirpur -10
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cell: 02-9010542, +88-016-78136507, +88-01712646927

Degree Offered:
i. Fashion Design
Duration: i year diploma grade & half-dozen months certificate form
ii. Textile Design
Duration: ane twelvemonth diploma form & half-dozen months certificate class
iii. Apparel Merchandising
Duration: six months certificate grade & iii months certificate class
iv. Pattern Making & Grading
Duration: one twelvemonth diploma form & six months certificate grade
5. Garment Machine Attachment
Duration: iii moths certificate course

Admission Requirements as well as how to utilise:
-SSC kick the bucket
– HSC kick the bucket
-O-level choke
– A-level perish
– IB Diploma pass away students tin employ

x. KCC Women’sec College
180/21, Khan Jahan Ali Road, Khulna,
Affiliations: Khulna University
(Operated by Khulna City Corporation)

Degree Offered:
B.Sc. inward Fashion Design

Without higher up colleges and universities, following institutes as well as colleges of People’s Republic of Bangladesh besides offer diploma course inward fashion blueprint, brusque course inward manner design, certificate course in manner engineering science.

  1. National Institute of Textile Engineering as well as Research (NITER) (
  2. Shyamoli Textile Engineering College ( 
  3. College of Fashion Technology & Management (CFTM) (
  4. Sikder College of Textile & Fashion Technology (SCTFT)
  5. BGIFT Institute Of Science & Technology (BIST) (
  6. Dhaka Institute of Fashion & Technology (
  7. People’s Republic of Bangladesh Institute of Fashion in addition to Design Technology (
  8. Professional Institute of Science & Fashion Technology (
  9. National Institute of Design (
  10. Apparel Institute of Fashion Technology (AIFT) (
  11. Jusitex Institute of Fashion & Technology (JIFT) (http://jift.information/)
  12. Design Academy Bangladesh (
Note: If yous take whatever inquiry about this ranking and so please comment below. Your comment will live ever warmly accepted.

Pinnacle Ten Apparel Brands In The Earth 2018

Clothing or wearing apparel is a basic man ask. Purpose of wearing apparels too protecting 1’s body from harsh weather condition, insects, UV radiation, etc. One tin can have various apparels for diverse occasions. Clothing industry manufacture casual article of clothing to mode article of clothing. There are huge brands in global marketplace. This apparel brands are includes wearing apparel, shoes, bags, gadgets together with many more. Despite the current global economic downturn, simply dress marketplace function alongside adept rate. Top ten dress brands inward the globe are given below. To brand this list internet revenue, popularity is used every bit parameter. This ranking shows the value of the leading elevation ten dress brands worldwide in 2017.
Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Top apparel brands

Top Ten Apparel Brands inwards the World 

1. Christian Dior SA
Christian Dior SA is a French luxury goods society which designs make-to-wearable apparel, footwear, jewelry, leather goods, timepieces, fragrances, peel-attention products in addition to brand-upward. It is founded inward 1946 by the French designer Christian Dior.

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Christian Dior SA

The companionship annual revenue for 2016 is listed at US$41,600million. 


two. Nike:
Nike is one of the peak manufacturer of sports equipment too ane of the world’second largest suppliers of athletic shoes together with dress. Nike become top clothes brans in the financial yr 2016. Nike is an American multinational companionship. It was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. It officially became Nike Inc. inwards 1971 too headquartered inwards Washington County, Oregon, U.S..

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Neymer as Nike model

The society annual revenue for 2016 is listed at U.S.$thirty,600 one thousand thousand.


3. H&1000:
H&thousand is a Swedish successful multinational retail-article of clothing society. It is good known for its fast way article of clothing for men, women, teenagers together with children. The society was founded by Erling Persson inwards 1947. H&K headquarter inwards Stockholm, Sweden.

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: H&1000

The fellowship annual revenue for 2016 is listed at USA$21,500 million.

4. Zara:
Zara is a Spanish multinational wearable together with accessories retailer companionship. It is the master make of the Inditex grouping. It has also brands similar as Massimo Dutti, Pull too Bear, Uterqüe, Stradivarius, Oysho too Bershka. Zara was founded in 1974 past Amancio Ortega, Rosalía Mera in addition to is headquartered in Arteixo, Kingdom of Spain.

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Zara apparel make

The company annual revenue for 2016 is listed at US$xv,900 one thousand thousand.

5. Adidas:
Adidas is a worldwide famous Apparel as well as Accessories Industry for sport. It is a German language multinational company. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe as well as the minute biggest in the world. Adidas was founded inwards 1949 by Adolf Dassler and headquartered in Herzogenaurach, FRG.

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Selena Gomez every bit Adidas model

The companionship annual revenue for 2016 is listed at the States$fifteen,300 million.


half-dozen. GAP:
The Gap was founded originally younger generation that’s why, its name referring to the generation gap of the time. Today it’second a big apparel fellowship too One of the iconic mode brands. GAP is including its namesake, Banana Republic, and Old Navy. GAP was founded by Donald Fisher too Doris F. Fisher inward 1969, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Model alongside Gap brand

The companionship annual revenue for 2016 is listed at USA$thirteen,800 1000000


7. Kering
Kering is the owner of large brands like Gucci, Puma, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Brioni, Volcom, Saint Laurent Paris, as well as other luxury, sport & lifestyle brands distributed inwards 120 countries etc. It was founded in 1963 in addition to is headquartered inward Paris.

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Gucci a brand of Kering

The society annual revenue for 2016 is listed at US$xiii,300 meg 


viii. Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren is 1 of the leading brands inwards dress industry. It offers clothes in addition to accessories for men’s, women’sec in addition to children’sec. It has brands like Polo, Lauren, Chaps, too Club Monaco. Ralph Lauren society was founded inward 1967 by American designer Ralph Lauren too is headquartered inwards New York, U.S.A..

Fig: Ralph Lauren

The fellowship annual revenue for 2016 is listed at US$seven,600 one thousand thousand


nine. Hermès
Hermès International SA is a French high style luxury goods manufacturer specializing inwards leather, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewellery, watches as well as ready-to-wearable. It is by and large known for its high mode designer clothing e.g Scarves, Cravats etc. The companionship was founded by Thierry Hermès on June i, 1938 in addition to is headquartered inwards Paris, French Republic.

Fig: Model of Hermès

The companionship annual revenue for 2016 is listed at USA$5,400 meg.

x. Levi’sec:
Levi’second is an American wear companionship which worldwide pop for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans. It i of the near famous jean retailers in the earth. It was founded inwards 1853 past Levi Strauss in addition to Headquarters in San Francisco, California, USInfluenza A virus subtype H5N1.

Clothing  or apparel is a basic human need Top 10 Apparel Brands in the World 2018
Fig: Model of Levi’second
The companionship annual revenue for 2016 is listed at U.S.A.$four,800 million.




Elevation Ten Denim Manufacturers Inward Bangladesh

Denim items are really important export production amidst the exportable textiles from the ascent of cloth sector inward Bangladesh. By increasing the necessitate of denim material inward global market has created a novel opportunity for Bangladesh. Without denim garments manner is incomplete amid the immature generation. Many expertise of this field think that Bangladesh will remain an unavoidable sourcing destination for jeans for the adjacent one decade at least. It will be possible for the country’s good-established power to supply huge volumes at comparatively lower prices. Besides, Bangladesh Denim Expo helps to brand Bangladesh denim become premium brand inwards global market place. It highlights the country every bit the prime number finish of sourcing latest designs of jeans and other denim products.
Presently in that location are 25 denim producing factories inwards People’s Republic of Bangladesh alongside total investment of over USD 834 1000000. In this article I volition try to make a listing of meridian ten denim mills inwards Bangladesh. This rate is made in accordance alongside capacity of product, number of full employees, working environments in addition to overall contribution inwards economic system of Bangladesh.
Top Ten Denim Industry in Bangladesh
1. Envoy Textiles Ltd.
Corporate Office:
Envoy Towers
eighteen/E,Lake Circus, Kalabagan, West Panthapath Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh
Phone number: (+88) 02 9102583-ninety
Fax: (+88) 02 9103128-29

Factory Location
Jamirdia, Bhaluka, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Phone issue: (+88) 02 880682 – 555037 

Contact Person:
Mr. Abdus Salam Murshedy, 
Managing Director  

ii. Pacific Jeans Ltd.
Head Office & Factory:
Plot # xiv-nineteen, Sector # 5
Export Processing Zone
Chittagong, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Telephone # 88-031-741006 – 8, 741338
Fax # 88-031-741339, 740153
eastward-mail service :

Contact person
southward. thousand. Tanvir
due east-post:

three. Ha-Meem Denim Mills Ltd.
Head Office:
Phoenix Tower (quaternary Floor)
407, Tejgaon Industrial Area
Dhaka-1215, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
+880-two-8170592, +880-2-8170593

Factory Location:
Sripur, Maona, Gazipur, People’s Republic of Bangladesh 

Contact Persons
Mr. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1. 1000. Azad
Managing Director 

4. Baximco Denim Limited
Head Office:
17 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No.: 2Dhaka -1205, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Phone: 880-ii- 6118915, 9677701-5, 7701165

Factory Location:
Beximco Industrial Park,
Sarabo, Kashimpur, Gazipur.
Phone: +88-8618220-vii
Fax: 880-2-8619187
E-postal service: beximchq@bextex.cyberspace


5. NASSA-Taipei Denim Limited  
Marketing as well as Sales role
238, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Gulshan Link Road
People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Tel: 88 02 8878543-49
Tel: 88 02 9830348-54

Factory Location:
iv-11 & 22-29
Export Processing Zone
Comilla, People’s Republic of Bangladesh,
Tel: 081 71091, 081 71092,
Fax: 081 71090  

6. Partex Denim Ltd.
Corporate Office
74 Bir Uttam Influenza A virus subtype H5N1.yard. Khandaker Sarak
Mohakhali Commercial Area
Dhaka-1212, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Telephone: +880.2.8822888
Email: postal
Website: http://www.partexdenim.internet

Factory Location: 

Jangalia Para, Mirzapur, Gazipur

seven. Chittagong Denim Mills Ltd.
Head Office:
House# B-123,Road# 21
New D.O.H.S , Mohakhali
Telephone No:
88-02 9886131, 88-02 9886247 88-02 8713508
Fax No: 880-8815063

Factory Location:
Kewa ,Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Telephone No: 88-02 06825-52739
Fax No: 88-02 8815063

eight. Shasha Denims Ltd.
Head Office:
House # 23, Road # 129 Gulshan – 1, Dhaka-1212.
Tel: 88- 02-9850548, 9855263, 9854679, 9856327
Fax: 88-02-9851698
Email :

Factory Address:
Plot # 184-193 & 277, DEPZ (Ext.) Savar, Dhaka, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Tel: 88-02-7789188, 7789302-05 Fax: 88-02-7789307

ix. Mahmud Denims Ltd.
Corporate Office:
House 25, Road 10, Sector : half dozen Uttara
Dhaka, People’s Republic of Bangladesh 1230
+88-02-8961508 (fax)

Factory Location:
Shafipur, Kaliakoir, Gazipur
+880 1714166251

x. Yogotex Fabrics Co. Ltd.
Corporate Address :
House # 412 (second Floor),
Aat # D, Road # seven, DOHS Baridhara,
Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Phone : +88 02 8410827, +88 01714 115337

Factory Address :
Plot # 142-149 & 157-164,
Comilla Export Processing Zone (EPZ)
Comilla, Bangladesh.
Telephone : + 88 081 71093-95
Fax : +88 081 71096
Email :
Website :

Note: If you lot accept any query together with proffer of ranking in a higher place list then you tin can comment below.

Peak X Cloth Manufacture In Bangladesh

The importance of the textile industry inward the economy of Bangladesh is extremely high for a long fourth dimension. There are many reasons for its importance. Maximum people don’t identify which is material industry too which is garments industry. Normally spinning, dyeing, printing, finishing, weaving industries are called fabric industry. Garments industry, I hateful readymade garments (RMG) manufacture includes knitwear and garment industry. Textile industries are too called backward linkage of RMG industry. 
The  importance of the textile industry in the economy of Bangladesh is  extremely high fo Top 10 Textile Industry in Bangladesh
There are thousands of textile industry inwards Bangladesh. Some are members of BTMA (People’s Republic of Bangladesh Textile Mills Association). And big number of textile manufacture are non registered BTMA. In this article I take tried to brand a list of tiptop x cloth industries inwards People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Really it is rattling tough job to accept x industry names from more than thousands. In this list I accept given priority capacity of product, number of total employees, working environments in addition to overall contribution inwards economic system of Bangladesh. I don’t turn over exactly cite of manufactory or factory. I take simply mentioned group advert. Because each grouping concerns of many manufacturing plant. In this list I don’t go along Ha-meem grouping because it is leading manufacturer of readymade garments. They take also material industry merely not huge. You tin can see our another article on elevation ten garment mill inwards People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

List of Top Ten Textile Industries inward People’s Republic of Bangladesh

i. Beximco Textile
Head Office :
Beximco Industrial Park
Sarabo, Kashimpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh .
Phone: +880-ii-58611891, +880-two-58612040
Mobile : 01713-001659
Fax: +880-2-58613470, +880-2-9615523, 7701164
Telex : 675848 BXIM Bj
due east-mail service :
Website :

2. Square Textile
Corporate Headquarter:
Square Center,
48 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka-1212, People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Telephone: +880 ii 8833047-56, 8859007
Fax: +880 two 8828768,
+880 2 8835021,
+880 2 8828609

Head Office:
Mascot Plaza (11-twelfth Floor) Plot-107/Influenza A virus subtype H5N1,
Sector-7, Uttara
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh
Telephone: +880 two 8963227,
Fax: + 880 two 8952652

three. Sinha Group
Head Office: 
House# 368, Road#28, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206
Tel: 8828860-64, 9891390-91
Fax: 88-ii-8828856-seven
Factory: Maximum Factories at Kanchpur-Rupgonj-Narayongonj,
AEPZ, Mirpur etc places.

four. Thermax Group
Corporate Head Office:
Green City Edge (12-14th Floor)
89 Kakrail C/A,
Dhaka – yard, People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
Phone: +88-02-9333274, +88-02-9359852
Fax: +88-02-9342526

Business Office:
House # 93, Road # 25, Block#Influenza A virus subtype H5N1
Banani, Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh.
Phone: +88-02-8832808
Fax: +88-02-8833329

v. Noman Group
Marketing Office
House 19, Road 44, Gulshan 2, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Telephone: (+88 02) 9852906

Superlative X Spinning Mills Inwards Bangladesh

Spinning mills make yarn from fiber. In cotton wool spinning manufacturing plant solely cotton wool are used as a raw textile. There are too synthetic fibers spinning mills in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Where polyester, viscose, nylon, acrylic etc synthetic fibers are used as a raw material. In rotor spinning mill, comparatively waste material in addition to coarse fiber are used as a raw textile. These create low count yarn. In jute spinning factory only jute are the raw material. In this article I have given a listing entirely for cotton fiber and other synthetic fibers spinning mill. According to BTMA (Bangladesh Textile Mills Association) at that place are 407 spinning mills inwards Bangladesh. They are the fellow member of BTMA. Without member of BTMA at that place are about mills inwards Bangladesh. I make this elevation x yarn manufacturer list according to issue of spindle, total of exporting capability and manufactory environs. I have given information from BTMA website.
 In cotton spinning mill only cotton are  used as a raw material Top Ten Spinning Mills in Bangladesh
Fig: Bangladeshi spinning manufacturing plant
List of Top x Spinning Mills (Yarn Manufacturer) inward People’s Republic of Bangladesh
1. Naheed Cotton Mills Ltd.
Head Office:
BDBL Bhaban (twelfth floor),
12, Kawran Bazar C/H5N1, Dhaka-1215.

Gorai, Mirzapur, Tangail.

9138186, 9132534
Factory: 0929-956234,

1,23,800 Spindles.
4,512 Rotors

2. Bhai Bhai Spinning Mills Ltd.
Head Office:
68/69, Baitul Islam Complex,
Islampur Road, Dhaka- 1100.

Benairchar, Duptara, Araihazar, Narayangonj.

7390133, 7395117
Fac: 01711286163

1,xix,776 Spindles

three. Mosharaf Composite Textile Mills Limited.
Head Office:
Red Cresent Borak Tower (SW) 37/three/H5N1, Level-
vii, 71-72 Old Elephant Road, Eskaton, Ramna, Dhaka- thou.

Baniarchala, Bhabanipur, Gazipur.

9350721, 9330648, 9330763
Factory: 01841310321

one,17,648 Spindles
1440 Rotors.

iv. Kamal Yarn Limited.
Head Office:
28, Dilkusha C/A (second Floor), Dhaka.

Jamirdia, Valuka, Mymensing.

880-ii-7176880, 9558611

ane,08864 Spindles

v. AA Yarn Mills Limited
Head Office:
Sena Kalyan Bhaban (6th Floor),
195, Motijheel C/H5N1, Dhaka-thou

Nagar Howla, Sreepur, Gazipur

7166065, 7165739, 9564826

i,02096 Spindles
2304 Rotors

vi. N. Z Textile Ltd.
Head Office:
5/1 (former), 181 (New), Khan Plaza,
Arambagh, Motijheel, Dhaka.

Golakandail, Vulta, Rupgonj, Narayangonj

7102385, 7100428

1,00000 Spindles
168 Rotors 

vii. Naheed Composite Textile Mills Ltd.
Head Office:
BDBL Bhaban (twelfth flooring),
12, Kawran Bazar C/Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, Dhaka-1215.

Gorai, Mirzapur, Tangail.

9138186, 9132534, 9123142, 8120837
Factory: 0929-956234,

95,880 Spindles

eight. People’s Republic of Bangladesh Export Import Company Limited (Beximco)
Head Office:
17 Dhanmondi R/A, Road No- 2, Dhaka- 1205.

Sarabo, Kashimpur, Gazipur.

880-ii-8619187, 8610672

95,796 Spindles

ix. Shah Fatehullah Textile Mills Ltd.
Head Office:
Eunoos Center, Lavel- nineteen, 52-53,
Dilkusha C/Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, Dhaka.

Post Office Road, Lalpur, Fatullah,

Fac: 7670281-v

83,112 Spindles
i,920 Rotors

ten. Zaber Spinning Mills Limited.
Head Office:
Adamjee Court, Main Building (fourth Floor), 115-120 Motijheel C/H5N1
Dhaka- 1000.

North Mawna, Sreepur, Gazipur.

7176207-8, 7176356
Factory: 01713007548

78,608 Spindles
1728 Rotors