Review: Car Features – Best Selling Machine Nameplates In The Philippines From 1995-2014

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2014 was a tape yr for the industry, which saw around nameplates increment their sales (in addition to in the instance of old timers, beating their own records) too close to declining.

For this yr, novel entries had their debut in this list amongst older cars such as the Kia Besta, Kia Pride, and Isuzu Hilander got knocked out of the listing. The Mirage hatchback, who got its intermission inward 2013 saw declining sales the following yr causing its autumn from this listing. And afterwards 5 years, the Fortuner bested the Montero Sport.

Do have bank bill that vehicle figures for 2014 are from the manufacturer itself (Toyota) as well as piece the Montero Sport’s figures are estimates from our sales study.

See the records from 2011 in addition to 2013.

Top twenty nearly successful nameplates inwards the Philippines from 1995-2014

i. Toyota Vios
Volume: 25,837
Peak Year: 2014

ii. Toyota Fortuner
Volume: 18,643
Peak Year: 2014

3. Toyota Corolla
Volume: 17,686
Peak Year: 1996

iv. Mitsubishi Montero Sport
Volume: sixteen,766
Peak Year: 2014

v. Honda Civic
Volume: 15,899
Peak Year: 1996

half-dozen. Toyota Tamaraw FX
Volume: fifteen,661
Peak Year: 1995

vii. Toyota Innova
Volume: 15,566
Peak Year: 2014

eight. Mitsubishi Lancer
Volume: xiii,119
Peak Year: 1996*

nine. Nissan Sentra
Volume: 12,658
Peak Year: 1995**

10. Toyota Revo
Volume: 12,001
Peak Year: 2003

eleven. Toyota Hiace
Volume: xi,070
Peak Year: 2014

12. Honda CR-V
Volume: ix,708
Peak Year: 2003

thirteen. Mitsubishi L300 FB/CC
Volume: nine,078
Peak Year: 1996

xiv. Toyota Wigo
Volume: nine,062
Peak Year: 2014

15. Honda City
Volume: 8,914
Peak Year: 2010

sixteen. Isuzu Crosswind
Volume: eight,901
Peak Year: 2003

17. Ford Ranger
Volume: 7,996
Peak Year: 2014

eighteen. Mitsubishi Adventure
Volume: seven,778
Peak Year: 2002

nineteen. Toyota Hilux
Volume: vii,239
Peak Year: 2014

xx. Toyota Avanza
Volume: seven,500
Peak Year: 2014

* – Combined sales of “Itlog” together with “Pizza” Lancer models, amongst the latter introduced inwards September 1996
** – Combined sales of B13 too B14 Sentra models, with the sometime being sold until 1999.



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