Modernistic Go Bring Up Necklace

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In recent years, with the transformation of the mainstream consumer groups, the jewelry in addition to jade industry has continued to slump, as well as many companies as well as brands accept felt the chill of this shack. Jewelry as well as jade processing as well as production has reached a crossroads that are urgent to transform. For instance, get mention necklace has launched a five-axis jade carving CNC machining centre with all-round net sharing, which has set a potent boost for the weak jewelry and jade market place.

For example, general director Li Na said that the become advert necklace customization combines the robot industry amongst the jewelry as well as jade manufacture, through the cloud server, distributed to the shared manufactory, patch each gild jewelry code is sent to the control unit of the engraving robot too the machining instructions are issued. Throughout the processing process, consumers tin sentiment processed video online through a custom app.

 with the transformation of the mainstream consumer groups Modern Get Name Necklace
Fig: Personalized name crown necklace inwards rose aureate

She pointed out that compared amongst the traditional business organization model, the biggest reward of “Internet +” is personalization as well as user experience. For case, get bring up necklace customization relies on the Internet in addition to big information to provide consumers with more costless personalized customization services to comprehensively enhance the consumer shopping feel. Consumers home orders on the app together with elaborate on their requirements. The manufacturer will use the corresponding material to customize the products that consumers are satisfied amongst. Get mention necklace too has its own robot production processing eye. For example, the v-axis jade carving CNC machining heart adopts full-unopen loop command engineering science in addition to the earth’s leading RTCP engineering science, which can process jade, stone, forest and other ornaments too diverse handicrafts by high-precision as well as axis positioning processing together with linkage processing .

Empowering individualization, creating a new online customization model. In the environs of consumption upgrade, become mention necklace’s custom rely on the Internet to integrate industry resource, designers, manufacturing companies and other resources, based on user-oriented, to take users a novel consumer experience.

Li Na said at a press: “With the development of the Internet, consumer relations have changed, too personalized consumer’second awareness in addition to claims are constantly awakening. In the futurity, the consumer postulate in the jewelry manufacture must live personalized.”

Li Na analyzed that the traditional jewelry brand is a process from design, product to consumption. It is a model for big-scale standardized commodity rapid circulation too realization. With the rising of the center class and the upgrading of consumption, the traditional model tin no longer satisfy the personalized market. In contrast, personalized customization is a reverse procedure, which is consumption get-go as well as and then product. Get name necklace collect the global raw materials too manufacture designers to course a unopen-loop eco-sphere of jewelry in addition to jade customization, which essentially allows consumers to intermission the constraints and restrictions of traditional customization, and realize the comfortable feel of happy design too costless shopping.

Li Na pointed out that, on the one mitt, the customization of become bring up necklaces is a amend inheritance in addition to excogitation of jade carving craftsmanship. At present, the meshing engraving automobile technology is real mature and tin can completely supersede traditional mitt-carving. Then roughly famous masters accept more than time to focus on cultural heritage as well as invention. On the other paw, the arising of network engraving robots has changed the rules of jewelry too jade, extending the boundaries of the game. Even if yous don’t engrave, yous tin’t pattern. You can likewise go your own designer, which is in occupation with the time to come of jewelry and jade.

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