Method Report For Fabric Too Dress Manufacture

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Method written report:
Method study is the process of systematic recording and critical exam of existing together with proposed manner of doing run, every bit a agency of developing as well as applying easier in addition to more than effective methods. It is applied to bring down costs. For higher productivity in fabric as well as wearing apparel manufacture method report is rattling of import. It is 1 of the keys to achieving productivity improvement. Functions of method written report inwards fabric as well as garment manufacture are done by industrial engineering section.

Method study is the process of systematic recording and critical examination of existing a Method Study for Textile and Apparel Industry
Fig: Method report inwards garment manufacture

Objectives of method study:
The major aims of method study are:

  1. Better pattern of establish equipment too buildings.
  2. Less fatigue or workers by avoiding unnecessary movements of manpower.
  3. Better working weather in addition to environment for workers/employees.
  4. To have more effective employment of materials, machines as well as manpower and money.
  5. Better lineament.
  6. Efficient together with fast fabric treatment equipment.
  7. Leads to standardization, rationalization, simplification too specialization.
  8. Efficient planning of the section.
  9. Streamlined working procedures.
  10. Greater task satisfaction.
  11. Higher earning.
  12. Improve layout of mill in addition to part.
  13. Higher touchstone of safety together with health.
  14. To better the period of go.
  15. Effective material handling.
  16. Efficient process and procedure.
  17. To meliorate the proper utilization of resource.
  18. To go maximum output.
  19. To better administration.
  20. Waste reduction.
  21. Standardization and rationalization.

Steps involved inward method study:
Method written report involves the next steps:

ane. Select the function to live studied.

  • High procedure cost,
  • Bottlenecks, tortuous route,
  • Low productivity, erratic lineament,

two. Record the existing operate method in addition to other relevant facts:

  • Activities performed
  • Operators involved-how, when etc.
  • Equipment in addition to tools used,
  • Materials processed or moved

3. Examine the record.
iv. Develop optimum or choice methods together with present proposals.
five. Define the method as document.
vi. Install this method as measure do.
vii. Maintain the do.

Activities of method written report:
There are following 5 method activities equally described below:

1. Operation: An performance is an action performed for advancing towards desired upshot. This indicates the primary steps inward a procedure, method or procedure.

2. Inspection: An inspection occurs when the product is removed for a fourth dimension for product. It includes the visual observations for complete, checking the dimensions etc.

iii. Storage: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 storing occurs when the product is removed for a time from product. For example, material kept inwards stores to live distributed to various function.

4. Delay: H5N1 delay occurs when just about undesirable effect prevents or hinders the adjacent planned action e.g. waiting for a machine to be repaired. H5N1 traffic jam. Work waiting between consecutive operations.

five. Transport : Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 transport occurs when at that place is movement from ane place to some other. It indicates the movement of materials from one work station to another.

Method written report symbols:
In society to brand a vivid presentation of facts together with to enable the listen to sympathize them speedily together with clearly, nosotros use just about symbols instead of words, for the activities of method report.

Fig: Symbols of method study

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