INFO: Code To Check If Phone Is Hacked Or Tapped 2021

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Do you lot feel similar mortal is trying to mind to every ring conversation y’all brand? This feeling may not mean anything, but sometimes, it can plow out to live true. Then how to know if somebody is trying to rails your activities on the call? You may observe many signs that volition say yous how to place a hacked device. But hither, nosotros are going to give detailed insight on code to cheque if ring is hacked.

But what are these codes? And how make they run?

These USSD codes (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data), too known as Feature code or Quickcode, are built-in features of a smartphone. This feature lets a user access additional safety-related information on his smartphone. To access this characteristic, a user exclusively has to open his telephone call dialer app on his smartphone and dial the codes given below. You tin can purpose the code to check if call is tapped too enable or disable different settings.

Here, nosotros will focus primarily on the phone call forwarding/diversion codes that a hacker can role to hack your device. Read our previous article to acquire more ways a hacker tin can endeavour hacking your device.

Code to check if phone is hacked

Conditional Forwarding Code to Check If Phone Is Tapped

As the bring up suggests, this telephone call forwarding setting comes amongst conditions, as well as the victim can easily detect them. In elementary words, when individual calls the victim, his telephone will call one time earlier getting forwarded to the other number. It is not only for a call; instead, a hacker can use them to frontwards the messages, fax, etc., to his own device. Use the next code to bank check if telephone is hacked –


This USSD code will enable yous to view if soul else is receiving your calls, messages, etc. when your mobile device is unresponsive. If yous discover whatsoever enabled setting, you tin disable or erase all of them by dialing ##61#.

Call forwarding when no reply


You can dial this USSD code to know who receives your text, telephone call, etc., when your device is switched off or not reachable. To disable or erase this setting at once, dial ##62# from your original number.

Call forwarding when not reachable
Call forwarding when not reachable.


This USSD code shows the condition of all the calls, messages, etc., existence sent on other numbers when yous are busy on some other job or rejecting the telephone call. To disable this setting, yous tin dial ##67# using your number.

Call forwarding when busy


This code includes the setting of all the in a higher place codes. In unproblematic words, y’all can opinion who is receiving your calls or messages for all conditional forwarding (busy, unreachable, does non respond) of your issue. You tin erase all conditional forwarding instantly by dialing ##004# from your master issue.

Unconditional Forwarding Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked

The unconditional phone call forwarding setting doesn’t let the victim to discover whatsoever forwarded calls that easily. When mortal calls the victim, it volition go forwarded straight to the hacker’sec issue whether the victim’s issue is busy or available to receive the call. The victim won’t even have any ring or notification of such calls on the original issue. The hacker can function this setting to forward calls, fax, messages, etc., to his own number. Use the code to check if telephone is tapped.

*#21# – The Diversion Code

When y’all dial this USSD code, it volition demo yous whether somebody else is receiving your calls, messages, etc., without your cognition. You tin dial ##21# to erase all unconditional forwarding settings.

Call forwarding unconditionally
Call forwarding unconditionally.

Other Code to Check If Phone Is Hacked

*#06# – IMEI Code

This code volition say the user well-nigh the IMEI number of his device. The manufacturer provides each hardware a unique identification issue, called IMEI, to differentiate betwixt them. If y’all always lose or person stole your device, this code will aid you lot file a complaint together with rail downwardly its place. This code volition make the same if mortal has broken into your call’sec security. So, before you bank check any other USSD code, dial *#06# to know your device’sec IMEI issue as well as banker’s bill it downwards at close to safe home similar an online bank note app.

*3001#12345#* – iPhone Code

For iPhone, you lot tin can purpose this *3001#12345#* issue to check if call is tapped or not. This code volition demonstrate your information nigh RAT (Radio Access Technology) in addition to LTE (Ota Msg, Service Cell Info, as well as Rach Attempt), which tin can live used for further analysis.

iPhone code to check if phone is hacked

*#002# – Call Diversion Code

This USSD code volition exhibit you lot all diversion settings, from conditional to unconditional, applied to your number directly. To erase everything, y’all tin can dial ##002# from your master copy number.

*#*#197328640#*#* – Utility Netmonitor Code

This code contains information regarding everything that our ring sends or receives, along alongside the location.

*#*#197328640#*#* is the issue to dial to meet if your telephone is tapped.

  • As yous dial the code, it volition have you lot to the chief carte du jour.
  • Here, pick out UMTS Cell Environment > UMTS RR Information, as well as and so banker’s bill downward the prison cell ID issue.
  • Tap on the dorsum push button as well as return to the master carte. Here, choose MM Information > Serving PLMN together with banker’s bill down the local expanse code visible on the concealment.
  • Open whatsoever internet monitor website together with come in both cell ID and expanse code to make up one’s mind if your cell call up has an unknown connection.

Note: Some of the codes mentioned in the article may not work on private service providers, in addition to hence, you will have an mistake ‘Invalid MMI code’ or ‘Connection mistake.’

Call forwarding invalid MMI code


A hacker tin can go to whatever length to become your private details in addition to misuse them. There are many ways a hacker tin can hack mortal’sec call. But many people aren’t aware of the common methods, especially almost the phone call forwarding setting of their issue. Even if they are, they don’t know how hackers can misuse it to hack their device or banking data. Here, nosotros accept mentioned a code to check if call is hacked or tapped.

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