How To Remove Blogger Subscribe To Mail Service Comments (Atom) Link

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If y’all are using blogger weblog, irrespective of using whatsoever template, y’all will meet 2 unlike text link one is on postal service page every bit “Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)” too other is on Home page, searched degree or other page every bit “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)”.

This is default features of blogger representing the post-feed link in addition to appears simply below the comment box or pager (Newer Post – Home – Older Posts) links.

If visitors of your blog click on the given atom link they become a new window alongside bunch of Gobbledygook (excessively difficult to sympathise) codes. Actually the following links are associated amongst that atom text links:

A) Subscribe to: Post (Atom) reflects

B) Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) reflect

However, if y’all had already burned your blog feed amongst the assist of Google FeedBurner and so the Subscribe to: Post (Atom) link reflects and gives lots of options to your visitors to subscribe your weblog posts together with comments etc.

How to Hide Subscribe to Atom links from Blogs?

There is uncomplicated CSS trick to hide the Subscribe to: Post (Atom) and Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) text links from your blog. As nosotros had already hash out that these links represents your weblog feed links thence next CSS codes will shroud the atom links from all pages.

.feed-links display:none !important;

You may either glue the in a higher place CSS codes direct into your weblog template HTML editor but before ]]> or may go to the customized template features and navigate to advanced -> Add CSS (concluding option) together with so glue the higher up CSS codes.

How to Remove Subscribe to Atom links from your Blogger Blog?

If you lot want to remove the text link Subscribe to: Post (Atom) or Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) and then please follow the following unproblematic steps:


Go to your blog Dashboard -> Theme -> Edit HTML

Blogger Theme Edit HTML


Search the next code in addition to delete it

Blogger Post Atom
Blogger Post Atom

The to a higher place code will remove the Subscribe to: Post (Atom) links equally shown inward above screenshot.


Search the next code and delete it

Blogger Post Comment Atom
Blogger Post Comment Atom

The in a higher place code volition withdraw the Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) links equally shown in above screenshot.


Now save the template too savor!

Alternatively, yous may search and delete the following codes to remove both (mail service/mail comments) atom links from all pages of blogger blog.

Now, relieve your template. Hurray! There is no more Subscribe to Post/ Post Comments (Atom) text links inward your blog.

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