How To Purpose Simulated Gps Go Location Spoofer On Android In Addition To Ios

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Today the GPS function of smartphones, be it iPhone or Android, has get a necessity for everyone. There are many location-based apps similar Uber, Ola, in addition to more than which runway your location alongside the help of GPS. But, on the other side, GPS tracking breaches your privacy. Whether yous desire to shroud your location or desire to catch more than Pokémon by beingness at the best locations, the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer tin do that. This app is best at spoofing your existent-time GPS place on your android device.

The Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer app is rattling famous among Pokémon GO lovers and other place-based games. This app allows you lot to modify your smartphone’sec place conveniently amongst the assistance of a virtual joystick.

Let’second hash out more Fake GPS GO!

What is Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer?

It is 1 of the best place spoofing tools available on the Google Play Store for Android users. When yous install this false GPS GO location spoofer APK app on the call, it overwrites your current location alongside a false place. You can easily plank with friends on social media and brand them mean that yous are somewhere in the world spending holidays.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free App

Moreover, this app is very easy to use in addition to install, likewise. You tin purpose it to go to dissimilar locations to grab particular Pokémon inwards the Pokémon GO game. You just postulate to enter your desired, in addition to the app volition permit y’all fly to that location inwards the earth without leaving your dwelling house. This item app has been around for years, and the developers updated it over time with new features too functions.

The best part of this false GPS GO spoofer APK is that you tin can geotag your pictures fifty-fifty if you lot’re non in the mentioned location.

Features of the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Paid App

  • There is a cooldown chart
  • It offers you lot more than stops as well as gyms
  • Joystick functioning is available with safe features
  • More routes options are in that location
  • advance spoofing options including proficient way

Features of the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free App

  • Standard spoofing available for Android versions
  • There is no postulate to rootage for Android half dozen.0 too to a higher place
  • Change the update interval
  • Save the location and history
  • Creates routes from ane point to other
  • Integration with other apps via the portion push

How to Fake Location With Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer – Without Root

Your mobile device tracks location for diverse reasons, such as navigation too place-based reminders. However, when using a fake place app, the chances are that you may get caught, so you lot should opt for without origin app.

Fake GPS place APK besides allows you lot to become to someplace without actually physically acquaint there. It can be useful for catching Pokémon and fooling friends. There is a setting inward the app’second Developer options that allows yous to false your GPS Google maps without rooting your device. Here is the pace by step conduct:

  • Install the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free App from Google Play Store. (From Desktop or Mobile)

Install Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free App

  • After installation, launch it on your android device.
  • Disable your device’s GPS and tap on “Location Settings” to go to the Location covert.
  • Now, make certain alone your device’sec GPS tin determine your location. For this, become to setting tap “Locating method.”

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer locating method

  • To imitation, the GPS location without beginning enables the developer options. For this, curl to the bottom of the listing of the Settings too enable developers.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Android developer mock location

  • After this, render to the chief settings, curlicue to the bottom, together with tap “Developer options.”
  • In the Developer options, tap the “Mock location app”.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer allow mock locations

  • The choose application dialog box in addition to tap “Fake GPS GO”.
  • The cite of the GPS spoofing app displays under the “Mock place app”.
  • Now, yous are set to faux GPS place. Click on the search ikon in the faux GPS GO app.
  • On the Search dialog box, go into the location where you desire to “travel to”.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

  • Now, you will encounter a earth map amongst a imitation place of your pick.

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer target location

Latest Version of Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer for Android

The latest version of false GPS GO for Android is 5.2 together with joystick six.5 APK. Location spoofer six.five APK is compatible alongside the Android version KitKat in addition to above. The costless APK half-dozen.5 location spoofer is safe to install and is slow to purpose also. This version has just about new features together with improved functions, which volition pass on yous the best location spoofing experience.

You tin either download the updated version of the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer app or upgrade your previous version.

To download the location spoofer vi.v APK, become to Google Play Store together with search for the app on the search box. After this, download, install too launch the app on your android device. Now, enable the developer setting as well as mock place.

After this, search for the desired location in the search bar of the app. Now, you are prepare to purpose the updated version for place spoofing.

If y’all already take a simulated GPS GO app, so update it only.

Is Pokémon GO Spoofing Possible in 2021?

Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer catch Pokemon

With a reliable location spoofing app, Pokémon GO spoofing is possible in 2021. Pokémon Go is a very popular location-based game that allows you lot to take hold of sugariness lilliputian cuddles inward your area.

Niantic developed it for both iOS together with Android. To catch Pokemon, you lot take to visit the dissimilar locations. However, if y’all don’t desire to get out the comfort of your couch, you tin opt for fake GPS place apps. For android users, the Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Pro app is a bang-up selection. You can download it from Google Play Store by next the steps mentioned in the in a higher place part.

iOS users necessitate other reliable apps similar the Dr.Fone Virtual Location app to a faux place inwards Pokémon GO. It would allow y’all change your location easily.

Risks Related To Pokémon Go Spoofing in 2021

Niantic realized that people are using simulated location apps to grab or to play Pokémon.  To control the spoofing inwards the Pokémon GO app, Niantic has come up up with the next policy.

  • If the Niantic detects that y’all are using a Pokémon Go place spoofer, and then it volition shadowban your account for more or less fourth dimension. In this, you lot won’t be able to take hold of especial Pokémon.
  • The adjacent is a temp ban. It would block your Pokémon gaming account for a month.
  • The last is a permanent block of your business relationship.

Though in that location are ways to spoof Pokémon GO in 2021 without getting banned from the gaming fellowship.

How to Setup Fake Location on iPhone?

Dr.Fone Virtual Location

As it is clear that the fake GPS GO app is alone for Android and not for iOS. So, the best choice to this app for iOS is the physicianFone Virtual Location app. It is a desktop app that y’all tin easily go on your iPhone by connecting the call up alongside your organisation.

This app allows y’all to spoof your location inwards Pokémon GO without whatsoever security concerns. It is rubber to purpose together with saves y’all from the ban likewise. Moreover, Dr.Fone’sec place spoofing app has a user-friendly interface too tin can quickly mock your location amongst a single click.

Wondershare Dr.Fone Virtual Location

In improver, you tin can besides simulate betwixt two or more than than ii locations using the doctorFone Virtual Location spoof GPS/location for iOS.

How to Fake A Location inwards medicoFone Virtual Location?

To imitation location, your commencement need to install the docFone Virtual Location app, launch it.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location get started fake location

Now, connect the iPhone with a PC together with click on “go started.”

Dr.Fone Virtual Location get started

You will meet a Earth mp like a shot. Enter the place of your pick inwards the search bar.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location select a location

Then click on the move here push, the place will live changed according to your wish.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location mark a location

How to Prevent Ban by Pokémon Go?

As mentioned above, the Niantic systems tin can grab your spoofing play a joke on too ban yous from playing Pokémon GO. Here are roughly tips that you lot should continue inwards listen when using a imitation GPS GO APK spoofer.

  • Ensure that the “mock locations” are enabled on your device.
  • Also, go along your speed a petty ho-hum when catching the Pokémon. However, at a item place, yous tin work fast too.
  • Do non fickle your place oftentimes.
  • Try to role a VPN as it provides an extra layer of protection to your app.
  • Always purpose a reliable as well as trusted location spoofing app.


Fake GPS GO place spoofer gives you lot the best gaming feel in addition to helps you lot design a prank amongst friends. It is best to use for Android users. However, for iOS users, the MDFone Virtual Location app is a not bad option.

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