How To Pin A Tweet On Twitter Profile (A Direct Amongst Pictures)

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Twitter is an incredible platform to portion your views or ideas through tweets. It also benefits businesses looking to marketplace their production, engage new audiences, or spread awareness nigh their make. There are many features in addition to functions on Twitter that volition assistance you lot, like pinning a Tweet. If you lot don’t know, what is a pinned tweet? Or how to pivot a tweet on Twitter; keep on reading our Twitter guide to larn more.

What is a Pinned Tweet?

A pinned tweet is the tweet that nosotros attach to the acme-nigh of the balance of the tweets. And it is the first tweet that a Twitter user volition persuasion when they bank check out your Twitter profile page. This tweet tin can attract or repel audiences depending on what you pivot. For example, a concern profile can role this attention to garner an audience for its brand.

Why Pin a Tweet?

  • The pinned tweet gets the nearly attending. A business organisation profile can purpose this role to pivot any tweet to go high date levels through likes as well as retweets.
  • These tweets can as well part every bit social proof. It is the about famous hack to brand people act. If your profile already has social proof, y’all can besides pivot it to become immediate credibility.
  • The increased date through pinned tweets tin can farther assist in converting them into new leads every twenty-four hours. It is as helpful for both new together with established businesses.

When to Pin a Tweet on Twitter?

The well-nigh suitable fourth dimension for pinning a tweet is when y’all want to attract an audience, customer, or relevant clients to your profile. And yous can also function this role when you accept something that you think is of import as well as tin can function it to demo off your skills or values to possible viewers. Here are some ideas for posts or tweets that yous can pivot to your profile –

  • You tin pin a link alongside your tweet, which directs the viewers to fill up a feedback grade or submit a complaint related to something. A user tin can besides use it to make his email listing.
  • Pinning a tweet volition as well assist when y’all desire to invite people to mail a attain out to y’all.
  • You can likewise pin a tweet to portion a blog mail service, video, podcast, etc., alongside your followers.
  • Pinning a certificate, an honor, or any other recognition to your profile can as well assistance attract people.
  • If you lot collaborate alongside a recognized public figure for whatever projection, creating as well as pinning a postal service is worth it.

These are solely a few ideas that y’all tin can role to pivot whatsoever tweet. But, it is non the terminate. You tin purpose this Twitter function for many things; it all depends on how creative yous are.

How Can I Create A Good Pin Tweet?

Before jumping onto the steps on how to pivot a tweet, you must know how to make ane to attract audiences. Usually, yous accept to focus on iii elements to reply this question. They are – the why, the how, too the what. The part to pivot a tweet will take yous success when you become all the answers to these questions correct. Let’s empathize each one –

The Why?

You may take gained excellence in your plain, just why would anyone desire to connect amongst you lot? There can live more than things in their lives that are manner important than you lot. And there is a hazard they might non encounter or see you lot once more. So and so, why should they spare of import moments of their life for yous?

If yous got the reply correct, you lot will accept their attending in addition to get to the adjacent inquiry. Here are about ideas for your assist to respond why.

  • To connect with their beliefs
  • To enhance their personality
  • To amend their existing relationships
  • To purify their environs

The How?

Have you ever wondered how approximately production or service tin assistance yous (whether yous already love or hate it)? Everyone goes through a similar phase when they come up across something new in addition to enquire the same inquiry. If yous want their attending and build trust, pigment a motion picture of how your service tin assist people. You tin can add videos, images, or genuine reviews every bit social proof to make them think.

The What?

After you lot accept answered why individual should connect alongside y’all together with how your service tin aid someone, it’sec time for CTA (call to action). In unproblematic words, what make y’all desire your viewers to do in one case you have got their attending. You tin can ask them –

  • to retweet your pinned tweet for the followers
  • to leave a respond to your tweet
  • to similar the tweet
  • to vote on the poll
  • to click on the link given in the tweet

After yous have successfully answered each of these questions, convert it into a summary using unproblematic words. And make certain non to add together more than i CTA in a tweet. It tin confuse your audience, resulting in decision paralysis.

How to pin a tweet on Twitter profile

How to Pin a Tweet on Desktop

Step ane: Open Twitter official website as well as login into your account. You must take a Twitter account to go on farther. You will encounter the Twitter username or Twitter hold inwards the browser address bar.

Step two: Click on the Profile option from the vertical carte bar (on the left side) or your Profile photo (What’sec happening box) to come in your Twitter profile page.

Click on Twitter profile button

Step 3: Scroll down the screen to detect your favorite Tweet.

Select a tweet to pin to your Twitter profile

Step four: Select the Tweet to open up it together with click on the iii dots on the correct side. Alternatively, you lot can make the same by clicking on the iii dots without opening the Tweet.

Pin a tweet on Twitter profile

Step 5: Select the ‘Pin to Your Profile’ option to pivot a tweet on Twitter.

Pin tweet to your Twitter profile

Step half-dozen: Click on Pin to authenticate the action.

This pinned tweet will seem at the pinnacle of all your tweets.

A pinned tweet on Twitter profile

How to Unpin a Tweet on Desktop

Step i: Open your Twitter profile page to see all the tweets.

Step two: Select the Tweet to open up it too click on the three dots on the right side. Alternatively, you lot tin do the same past clicking on the 3 dots without opening the Tweet.

Unpin from Twitter profile

Step 3: Select the ‘Unpin from Profile’ choice to unpin Tweet.

Unpin tweet from Twitter profile

Step iv: Click on Unpin to authenticate the activeness or Cancel to discard the process.

How to pin a tweet on Twitter profile

How to Pin a Tweet on Android

Step i: Open Twitter official app as well as login into your account. If y’all don’t take a Twitter business relationship create it showtime.

Step ii: Tap on the three bars on your Home covert’second left corner and pick out the Profile option.

Step 3: Scroll down the covert to observe your favorite Tweet.

Pin tweet on Twitter profile while using Android

Step iv: Select the Tweet to open up it together with click on the 3 dots on the correct side. Alternatively, you lot can make the same past clicking on the iii vertical dots without opening the Tweet.

Step five: Select the ‘Pin to Profile’ choice to pin whatever tweet.

Step 6: Finally, tap on the Pin option to authenticate the activity.

Pin tweet to twitter profile while using Android

How to Unpin a Tweet on Android

Step 1: Open your Twitter profile page to run into all the tweets.

Step two: Select the Tweet to open it in addition to click on the 3 dots on the right side. Alternatively, y’all can make the same past clicking on the three dots without opening the Tweet.

Step three: Select the ‘Unpin from Profile’ choice to unpin a Tweet.

Step 4: Click on Unpin to authenticate the activeness in addition to withdraw the pinned tweet.

Unpin tweet using Android phone or Tablet

FAQ on Pin a Tweet

Q. Can yous pin more than than one tweet to your profile?

You tin solely pivot a unmarried tweet. If yous pin a instant tweet, it will automatically withdraw the kickoff one to supplant it alongside the novel i.

Q. Can yous pivot a retweet?

No, y’all tin can’t pivot a retweet, merely you tin pivot a quote retweet.

Q. How to pin soul else’sec tweet?

Twitter doesn’t pass on any user potency to pin mortal else’s tweet. But if y’all want, you tin can retweet their mail service with a quote as well as pivot it to your Twitter profile page.

We promise you lot institute our Tweet guide on how to pivot a tweet on Twitter useful. For more than details on Twitter, keep on reading.

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