How To Maintain Garments Quality In Apparel Manufacture

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Garments character control:
apparel manufacturing industry, lineament control is the technical procedure where substantiating garment lineament as well as keep the measure past character control squad. It is the method of verify the clothes character up to output. In garment industry lineament control is started from the initial phase of sourcing raw materials to the phase of last finished garment. Generally the activities of quality control are done afterward the production procedure.

 is a system of maintaining standards in manufactured products or services by testing a sa How to Maintain Garments Quality in Apparel Industry
Fig: Garments quality control

Maintaining lineament command inward garment manufacture:
In garment manufacture, quality director ever hold the all types of quality command activities for garment manufacturing. During production lineament control squad follow close to advises to become high lineament garment. Essential lineament control advises are listed inwards below:

  • Read through P.O (product gild shit)
  • Sample cheque (must)
  • Pattern bank check
  • Label cheque:

          – Name of label
          – Similarity amongst size together with attention label.
          – Main label ground as well as size label ground volition live same.
          – Care didactics.
          – Placement of label.

  • Category of clothes.
  • Check of fabric construction as well as count.
  • Thread matching.
  • Stitch per inch (south.P.I).
  • Number (role) matching 100%
  • Pocket cast will live every bit per sample.
  • Pocket placement should live as per sample.
  • Pocket should not upward-downwardly.
  • Flap shape call for master copy.
  • Collar signal should be equal.
  • Band pinnacle call for same form in both side.
  • Cuff articulation/ sleeve articulation/collar joint must be proper.
  • Inlay should live properly.
  • Need dorsum sew together starting as well as ending.
  • All double sew together should live even.
  • Joint position should be invisible only perfect.
  • Front fly should non live upwardly-down.
  • Loop place must equally per sample on educational activity.
  • Stitch on loop must be tight.
  • Belt should even everywhere.
  • Front office should not upwards-downwards.
  • Two sleeve always even.
  • Check or strip matching.
  • Puckering sew non allow.
  • All measure must be await.

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