How To Cover Posts On Facebook Using Shroud From Timeline Selection?

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Facebook is the about used social media platform where users are regularly posting something too trying to connect alongside their loved ones socially. You take command over your Facebook account, including what posts yous desire to go along or cover from others. Yes, you lot can hide posts on Facebook using Facebook enshroud from timeline option. At a specific minute, yous make non want whatever item postal service to be visible on your Facebook timeline or to your friends.

When you lot cover a mail service on Facebook, it gets disappeared from your timeline. But, if mortal had already shared that post, and so it may be visible to the people amongst whom that was shared inwards the by. Also, those posts may all the same live visible under your Photos persuasion selection. You definitely heard almost Facebook stalking, too it volition aid yous keep away your stalkers.

You take consummate liberty when to hide as well as unhide posts of Facebook. Managing your Facebook account is not a difficult chore if you lot are well aware of the techniques.

How to hide posts on Facebook

Ways to Hide Posts On Facebook

It’second time to acquire how to hide posts from friends on Facebook timeline.

Before you lot unhide a mail on Facebook, first, yous involve to shroud a postal service on Facebook. So, nosotros are roofing methods on how to cover a mail service on Facebook.

Hide A Post On Facebook Using Facebook App

To shroud your Facebook mail using the Facebook app on your mobile phone, follow these unproblematic steps:

one. Open the Facebook app on your smartphone.

2. Click on the profile ikon to run into your profile.

Facebook - Tap on profile icon

2. Alternatively, tap on the triple bar (≡) available at the height right bottom corner of the cover.

Facebook - Click on the triple bar & see your profile

3. Tap on the See your profile.

4. Scroll to that detail mail yous desire to enshroud.

5. Tap on the three dots (…) or horizontal ellipsis at the tiptop right corner of that postal service.

Facebook post - click the ellipsis

half dozen. From the popular-upwards options, tap on ‘Hide from timeline’.

Facebook post- hide from timeline

seven. Confirm your activity past tapping on the ‘Confirm’ push, and your postal service gets hidden from your timeline.

Confirm action- hide from timeline

Hide A Post On Facebook Using A Web Browser

Hiding your Facebook post while using the web version of Facebook is also non a hard chore.

Do you want to larn how to hide a post on Facebook? Follow these steps to cover whatsoever of your desired postal service on your Facebook timeline:

i. Log inward to your Facebook business relationship.

two. Go to your Profile.

Facebook- click on the profile icon

3. Scroll through the mail you desire to enshroud.

four. Click on the three dots (…) available at the correct corner of that mail.

Facebook post - click on the ellipsis icon

v. From the pop-upward option, click on ‘Hide from timeline’.

Facebook post - hide from timeline

half dozen. Facebook will enquire you to confirm, click on the ‘Hide’ button to confirm, too your post gets hidden from your timeline.

Facebook post - hide from time - click on the hide button

I hope you lot understood the procedure – how to enshroud posts on Facebook using hide from timeline choice, which is quite uncomplicated. Still, facing issues? You may browse helpful resources available on Facebook to resolve your issues on your mail service visibility on your timeline.

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