How To Block Person On Facebook? A Step Past Take For Your Assist

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With higher expectations too higher utilization comes lots of problems. There is no denying the fact that people face up problems piece using Facebook. Facebook stalking is one large problem amongst them. Do you know who views your Facebook profile? Perhaps not, just you lot take an thought who tin make a problem for you lot. We propose blocking Facebook users who are troublesome. Can y’all block mortal on Facebook? The answer is YES. You must know how to block person on Facebook after spotting a fake Facebook profile.

Facebook, regarded as a highly used social media platform past people of all ages, only or so people block others for dissimilar reasons. Blocking on Facebook is much harsh than unfriend mortal on Facebook.

How Do You Block Someone on Facebook?

How to block someone of Facebook

Before you lot enquire, what does blocking somebody on Facebook make?

Don’t get confused alongside unfriending, blocking, unfollowing somebody on Facebook. They have unlike aspects. No ii methods are similar.

When yous unfollow someone on Facebook, their mail service as well as updates won’t seem inwards your news feed while maintaining friendship on Facebook. They tin can however mail yous messages or tag you inwards their posts or sentinel your posts together with updates.

When y’all unfriend mortal on Facebook, you lot withdraw them from your friend list. They may non take access to picket your posts too updates anymore. Here’s how y’all tin can cover posts on Facebook, and then they tin can non encounter them.

When y’all block someone on Facebook, they tin can non contact yous on Facebook. You tin not watch their posts together with updates either. Blocking mortal is similar completely removing someone from your Facebook business relationship.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook?

If you block soul on Facebook:

  • Blocked people on Facebook tin non run across your profile too posts on your timeline, so they tin can not like, comment, or percentage your posts.
  • Blocking friends on Facebook agency they tin non search your profile, so they can not send y’all a friend request.
  • Blocked people tin not message y’all using Facebook Messenger.
  • They tin not tag y’all in whatever of their posts or photos.
  • They tin non poke y’all on Facebook.
  • They tin can not invite y’all to events or groups on Facebook.
  • They tin know that you take blocked them when they search for your advert on their friends’ list or inward the search box.
  • Meanwhile, many people are non anxious to go through your profile. Such people tin can not know that yous accept blocked them.
  • Facebook does not post whatsoever notifications to blocked users.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

How make I block someone on Facebook? Curious? Let’s know how to block people on Facebook.

Block Someone on Facebook using Desktop or Laptop

Method i: Blocking Facebook users

1. Open Facebook on a web browser and log inward to your business relationship.

2. Search for a user to block.

Block someone on Facebook

three. Hover the mouse pointer to his name and await for the iii dots (…) button.

four. Click on the three dots push to go the choice to block the user.

Block someone on Facebook method 1

v. Click on the block pick in addition to press the confirm push button.

Block someone on Facebook confirm action

Method 2: Blocking on Facebook

ane. Open Facebook on a web browser too log inward to your account.

ii. Go to the profile of the somebody you desire to block.

Block someone on Facebook

three. Click on the three dots (…) picture placed adjacent to the message button.

Block someone on Facebook method 2

4. Click on the ‘Block’ option.

v. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button to block them.

Block someone on Facebook confirm action

Method four: Blocking person on Facebook


1. Click on the inverted triangle given at the acme correct side of your cover.

Block someone on Facebook Settings and Privacy

ii. Setting & Privacy menu will look. Click on it.

iii. Now, click on the Settings card.

Block someone on Facebook Settings

4. Blocking selection is given on the left sidebar.

Blocking someone on Facebook

5. Click on the Blocking carte du jour as well as go in the user’s mention or electronic mail you wish to block.

half dozen. A list of users will pop-upwardly with block buttons.

Block Facebook users from the list

vii. You tin can hitting the block push button and confirm the activity on the adjacent footstep.

Block someone on Facebook confirm action

Method v: Block person on Facebook (Old interface)

i. Click on the inverted triangle push button placed at the acme correct of the cover.

2. Click on the ‘Settings’ option.

Block someone on Facebook triangle

3. Click on the ‘Blocking’ pick listed on the left sidebar.

Facebook blocking option

iv. Type the bring up of the individual inward the Block users search box.

5. A listing of users will pop-upwardly. Click on the ‘Block’ button placed to the right of that Facebook user.

Facebook blocking add name or email

half dozen. Click on ‘Block’ to confirm.

Block People on Facebook using App

We take seen the to a higher place method of blocking on Facebook. You can besides function a FB app for blocking people on Facebook.

Method 1: Block people on Facebook

1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile telephone.

ii. Search as well as go to the profile of that someone whom you lot desire to block.

iii. Tap on the three dots (…) push placed right side of the screen.

iv. Tap on the ‘Block’ pick.

How to block people on Facebook app

five. On the adjacent covert, tap on ‘Block’ to confirm.

Block someone on Facebook app

Method 2: Blocking people on Facebook


one. Tap on the iii horizontal lines (Hamburger image) placed at the bottom correct corner.

2. Go to the Settings & Privacy menu > Settings carte.

three. Scroll through the listed options as well as tap on ‘Blocking.’

4. Tap on the + icon (Add to Block List) too type the individual’s refer in the search box.

Blocking people on Facebook app

five. Tap on the ‘Block’ push button placed at the correct of that soul’sec profile.

half-dozen. Again, tap on ‘Block’ to confirm.

Blocking people on Facebook app

Don’t worry. It is unproblematic to unblock people on Facebook. You may unblock person on Facebook later reading our article – How to unblock mortal on Facebook. I promise y’all volition discover it useful.

If you lot discover our postal service useful, don’t forget to part it on your social media profile in addition to pages.

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