How To Add Dynamic Facebook Page Like Box To Weblog Or Website

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You may but add together a Facebook Page Like box (Page Plugin) to your Blogger weblog or WordPress web log or whatever website y’all ain past visiting the developers page of Facebook. However, it does non furnish customizations equally you lot like as well as the looks volition be default every bit other use.

We had a play tricks to make your Facebook Page like box more than dynamic using the latest CSS3 together with HTML5 codes. You postulate to just re-create and paste the codes given inwards this tutorial into anywhere in your web log or site yous desire to add your Facebook Page Like Box.

The best role of this dynamic Facebook Page Like Box is that it will enshroud the text link of Facebook social plugin by default shown in the widget footer.

Additionally, this cool widget volition non exclusively attract your live visitors merely likewise turn them into your permanent client or visitors/fans who likes your Facebook page from your weblog or website itself as well as get the latest feed of contents posted into Facebook Page.

How to Show Facebook Like Box (Page Plugin) into your Blogger Blog

If y’all accept created a costless blog in addition to wants to increment your audience too brand your make advert popular on Facebook and so delight make non forget to create in addition to add together your Facebook Page to your blog. Follow these elementary procedures explained below to add together Facebook Like Box gadget into your blog:

You take to option either click a push below to add direct SWT Facebook Like Box to your blogger web log or if you lot accept some basic noesis to edit blogger template so follow step past step guidelines.

Method-A: Install Facebook Page Like Box (Page Plugin) alongside a unmarried click

” />


NOTE: After installing SWT Facebook Like box with method A, please go to HTML template editor (Template tab -> Edit HTML) and find and supervene upon it with your own Facebook page address/advert.

Method-B: Follow this stride by step guidelines to add together SWT Facebook Page Plugin to your blogger weblog.


Login to your blogger business relationship in addition to become to the template tab of your web log.


Click on Edit HTML button in addition to search for tag in your blog template given codes. Now copy together with paste this JavaScript codes only earlier the closing tag.

Note that if y’all had already added the above JavaScript codes before at the time of adding Facebook similar or portion push button etc. then you lot require not live required to add the higher up code inwards duplicate.


Search for ]]> and paste the next CSS codes merely beofe/higher up the ]]> and salve template.

.swtFBOuter Added by Showeblogin
position: relative;

border-radius: 5px;
Tutorial at

Customize: If you lot desire to alter the background colour so supercede F2F2F2 in job issue eleven above alongside the hexadecimal string of colour you want.


Visit the layout tab of your blog and click on Add a Gadget link push on sidebar too and so curlicue downwardly together with click on HTML/JavaScript.


Finally, paste the next codes into the content plain given too supplant the give-and-take SuperWebTricks (see the occupation number ii) with your own Facebook Page refer or ID.

data-hide-cover="false" data-show-facepile="true" data-show-posts="false">


If y’all accept any customization problem with SWT Facebook widget so delight fill up costless to inquire me to redesign the same inwards accordance alongside your involve and web log or website color.

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