Activities Of Product Planning Too Control Organisation Inwards Dress Industry

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For maximum effectiveness of production activities, customer’second postulate should be satisfied in addition to at the same fourth dimension all the activities must live carried out inward an economical mode. The prepare of policies together with procedures that are used to get by run menstruation, inventories, product charge per unit is called a production planning together with control arrangement. Production planning in addition to command is one of the well-nigh important aspects of the dress manufacturing industry. It tin can be shown as a cyclic activity starting with the customer and moving counter clock wise through the figure-ane. At this bespeak, nosotros are concerned exclusively with the activities the nested within the larger box. The PPC arrangement is initiated by the forecasting of customer’sec need or gild, goes through planning as well as controlling activities too completes a cyclic procedure as shown inward figure-i.
For maximum  effectiveness of production activities Activities of Production Planning and Control System in Apparel Industry
Figure-one: Scope of production command organization

Activities of Production Planning and Control (PPC) System in Garment Industry:
Major functions or activities of  product planning as well as control system are discussed below.

i. Demand forecasting:

  • Starting point of the PPC activeness. 
  • Future call for for products/service is e’er uncertain; and then needs to be predicted.
  • Forecasting horizon (one.e. menstruum covered by forecast) depends on the nature of the production as well as the atomic number 82 fourth dimension between the time an guild is placed to purchase raw material in addition to the fourth dimension those materials are transformed together with shipped out every bit finished goods. It could live days, weeks or months.
  • Without a reasonably accurate forecast of futurity require, it is impossible to attain the long-rate capacity planning action.

two. Capacity planning:

  • Second step inwards PPC activity
  • Done inwards ii ways- long reach together with curt reach.
  • The call for is to know:

            1. How many people to utilize?
            2. How much overtime to schedule?
            iii. How much inventory to concord?

  • The target is to see the actual need economically.
  • If insufficient capacity or inventory exists, necessitate cannot be met together with customers may be lost. If as well much capacity in addition to inventory exist, the company will live in a serious cash menstruum bind.
  • If incorrect products are inwards the piping business, the society volition live injure at both ends-hiring unsatisfied customers together with unusable products.
  • Reasonably accurate take forecasting is an essential pre-requisite to capacity planning.

three. Inventory monitoring too control:

  • One business organization of capacity planning is the total of inventory to be held.
  • H5N1 common design when in that location is a cyclic take is to construct more than what is needed during tedious periods, thereby increasing inventory. Thus, when the need is high, it tin can live met in past form inventoried items. Therefore, inventory levels will vary course menstruum to menses. With these variations in inventory, product quantity on each society will likewise vary. 
  • The command of inventory is the act of comparison what is really on manus alongside the desired quantity.
  • Inventory command therefore is affected by the conclusion made in capacity planning.

iv. Short reach requirements planning:

  • Second activity that feeds off of the capacity planning output. This activity as well responds to the decisions of inventory control.
  • The action is 1 of looking at mean-term production capacity as well as goals, existing inventory levels, together with discrepancies betwixt those levels as well as desired inventory, and then creating a main schedule of what to do inward each product section during the side by side week or calendar month.
  • To just about extent, inaccuracies inwards the forecasted postulate as well as changes inward the capacity design tin live overcome at this stage. The sum of overtime in addition to under capacity can be adjusted. Thus there is a grade of flexibility inside the broader limits of the capacity plan.
  • The resulting output is the short-reach requirements plan or primary schedule.

5. Shop scheduling:

  • The principal schedule is made without reference to the dynamic changes inwards the store situation.
          one. Schedule must be changed:

             If people neglect to make it at operate. Or
             If a automobile collapses or breaks downwards.

         two. Schedule must live adjusted:

             If fleck parts are constitute. Or
             If tooling is temporarily unavailable.

  • The main schedule and then identifies the weekly product goals for each department only does not decide how these goals are to live met. This is the part of store scheduling activity. 
  • At the kickoff of each shift, the shop foreman must review what is required relative to the principal schedule too what resource are available to him. He must make up one’s mind what to do during the shift, the sequence in which shop orders should be accomplished as well as the resource to devote to those tasks. 
  • These product command decisions are them passed on to the production employer.

half-dozen. Dispatching and expediting:

  • Dispatching involves the free of necessary go orders, fourth dimension tickets etc. to authorize timely first of operations together with to record starting time and finish time of each chore.
  • Expediting is logical footstep after dispatching which coordinates the progress part extensively to execute the production design successfully. Here, monitoring is done past the controller to bank check whether the product charge per unit is inwards occupation with the product schedule.

Thus, the production control activeness is a chain of interrelated events that functions every bit a organization. The decisions are made for different horizons inwards time in addition to with dissimilar degrees of accuracy to effectively employ the limited resource.

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